Personal Growth

Shine On!

By Joe Gregory

Fear. Worry. Panic. Happiness. Peaceful. Loving. How did you feel just reading these words? My guess is that chemical changes occurred within your body while reading these two sets of words that describe our feelings. The first three words caused tension and resistance while the second set brought relief and peace. There is nothing more important than how you feel. Read that again and let it sink in. There is nothing more important than how you feel.

With all that is happening in our country and the world today, now more than ever we need to be watchful of how we are feeling from moment to moment. Unfortunately, fear and worry seem to be running rampant right now. People are looking at external events and having it affect how they feel. But, as Shakespeare said so eloquently, “nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so.” We do our own thinking so we get decide how we process everything.

How we feel from moment to moment is our point of attraction. If I am feeling fearful, it’s Law that I will attract more to feel fearful about. If I worry I will attract more to worry about. I ask myself, have I ever worried enough to solve a problem? No! Worrying is praying for what you don’t want to have happen. So if I am worried about the value of my investments falling or losing my job, I am actually praying for those things to happen.

So I choose to be happy and positive in spite what’s happening. And, really, what choice do I have? I can either feel lousy (fear, worry and panic) or I can feel good (happy, peaceful and loving). I elect to feel empowered.

So how do we go about feeling empowered instead of disempowered? Here are some suggestions:

Decide. It’s all about a decision. And I decide to feel happy, positive, peaceful and loving all day long. You get to decide how you feel. Wayne Dyer reminds us that “there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” It’s your decision.

Be willing. I am willing to make the decision to feel good and to be watchful of my thoughts and feelings all day. I am willing to not watch the news and get caught up in negative conversations that weaken me. I am a field of energy in a larger field of energy. This larger field of energy is a higher power that I choose to refer to as God. Call it what you like. I am willing to rely on this higher power as it is my senior partner in all my affairs. What are willing to do? What are you willing not to do?

Be diligent. I am diligent in what I read, what I watch, who I associate with and, most importantly, I diligently guard my thoughts and feelings. I choose to immerse myself in that which brings me power and strength and avoid all that weakens me.

Be quiet. All of the master teachers have spoken of the necessity of quieting our minds each and every day. One ancient master said, “all of man’s problems stem from his inability to sit in a room alone, quietly.” Not “some” of man’s problems but “all” of man’s problems are from his/her inability or unwillingness to do this. With all the external “noise” and the monkey chatter of our own minds, the practice of quieting our own minds regularly is essential to feeling happy and peaceful.

Be faithful. Faith is seeing the unseen and believing in the incredible. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as, “complete trust or confidence.” I have complete faith (trust and confidence) that everything is unfolding perfectly, just as it should. It may not appear that way at times, but, as the Bible reminds us, “judge not by appearances.” Know that everything that is happening is supposed to be happening and that it is for the greater good of all.

Be grateful. I know that I am so fortunate and blessed in so many ways. We all are. I end each day by writing 5 or more things that I am thankful for from the day that just ended. This isn’t always easy; sometimes I am thankful I am going to bed. At dinner each evening, we go around the table, each sharing something good that happened during the day. Think about the positive energy being sent out into the universe with these two simple exercises. By being and feeling thankful and grateful, we attract, through the law of attraction, more good things to be grateful for.

Be loving. As you go about your day, make the decision to send out love and happiness to everyone and everything, especially to yourself. Smile, offer a kind word and encouragement, be considerate and compassionate. Your higher vibration will positively affect those around you. It will help raise the collective consciousness from one of fear and panic to peace and happiness. You and those around you will feel better if you are loving. And if we fall off this path as we are likely to do as we are human, please don’t beat yourself up. Recognize where you are and get back on course by giving yourself love and approval.

Be a beacon of light. Decide. Be willing. Be diligent. Be quiet. Be faithful. Be grateful. Be loving. The world is counting on us. Our higher vibration does affect all those around us. Our higher consciousness can and will raise the collective consciousness. Decide right now to be the beacon of light that is your true essence, your natural state.

Shine on!


Joe Gregory has been studying and practicing the principles of personal growth and success for over twenty years. He is currently co-hosting a weekly personal growth book club attended by people from all over the world. Joe also enjoys writing and speaking on topics that empower people to live a better life. During his career, Joe has served in sales and sales leadership roles; he is also an entrepreneur. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast and the Castle Rock Center for Spiritual Living in Colorado. He earned his BA in Psychology from the University of Richmond, Virginia, and an MBA from UMass-Boston. He can be contacted at




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