By Brianna M.

Brianna M.
Pd: 3 Maroon

I. Enlightening Cinderella
II. Suzanne  E. Harrill
III. Pages:173

IV.     Cinderella: A Hard working mother of two that is dazed and confused about her life after happily ever after. She’s at her mid life crisis with her husband and her kids. She wants to believe that she still has a perfect life, but it is hard to with all her problems.

 Godmother: Godmother is there to help Cinderella out of her hardship, she’s at a lost for words as to what Cinderella has gotten her self into. She still believes she can handle it all but it just doesn’t seem to work. She is trying her best to help Cinderella but she just might have to let her handle it on her own.

 Prince: prince is in his own world with his own problems. He’s stuck having to rule over the land. He feels he doesn’t pay attention to his family enough but he also has to tend to the towns peoples needs.

Mandy:  Mandy is still young she’s got it good. She doesn’t have any responsibilities. Although she might at times fell alone and unloved.

Marc: Marc is a little tyrant. He gets in to just about everything and never gets in trouble for it. All he really needs is a dad to be there and play with him at times.

V. My favorite character would be godmother because she portrays a person that is giving and willing to help. Also because she is the kind of person you want around and the type of person that is mindful and won’t laugh at what you feel. Godmother helps Cinderella get over the fact that no one can have a perfect life not even in fairytales. That was a big lesson for godmother and Cinderella. Live thought you will never live again and make the most out of what you are given.

VI. My favorite part in the story was when godmother and Cinderella were in the garden. That’s were godmother first came to Cinderella. Before she came Cinderella was venting to herself and thinking aloud. Talking about how miserable her life is and if she could handle it any longer. I like this part in the story because that’s were they reconnect and begin to relate to on another. Cinderella talks about her life after her godmother had left her to live happily ever after {SUPOSITLY}. She tells her all the good times and the bad times. 

VII. I would recommend this book to some one who likes to now what happens after the magic and the happily ever after. Also to some one who likes romance and love stories.


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