T'was the Night Before Onemass
Author unknown

T'was the night before Onemass and all through the land,
Our minds, once asleep, were about to expand.
How could we lay sleeping all snug in our beds,
When visions of Oneness now danced in our heads?
From out in the world there arose such a clatter,
We sprang from the haze to see what was the matter.
When what to our wandering eyes should appear,
Our oneness revealed-not afar-but right here
Affirmations once said with precision and care,
In hopes that someday we'd receive our fair share,
Were replaced  with something our thoughts had not planned:
Truth, Peace, and Oneness-their time now at hand.

With discarded illusions, our lives turned around,
No longer awaiting a Saint to abound,
With a bundle of things from our lists on his back,
Who'd make everything right just by opening his pack.
After all the long years of heart-felt preparation,
We see the illusion of our separation.
We laugh as we take a good look at ourselves,
We've been running around like busy wee elves
For in one Holy instant, has come a great shift,
We throw open the shutters to welcome this gift.
Our heart's deepest longing now comes to fruition,
As our Oneness sees through our myth of partitions.

In the Truth of our Oneness we rest in our beds,
With nothing to fear and nothing to dread.
We speak not a word, in stillness we know,
Our stocking is filled; there's no place to go.

No longer hidden by earthly disguises,
Up from the ashes our Oneness arises,
To sing to the world like the heart of the dove:
"Blessed Onemass to all; to all Joy, Peace, and Love!"


That Place of Peace

by Debra Kennedy 

That place of peace – it isn’t that far

The lifting fog becomes the light,
Going deeper and deeper to that beautiful Site.

That place of peace – it isn’t that far

My heart beats in rhythm with the harmony Life plays,
Creating a vibration that spirals and stays.

That place of peace – it isn’t that far

Love fills the Universe, no loneliness found,
Only the joy and Truth of Loving Oneness abounds.

That place of peace – it isn’t that far





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