Color Therapy Eyeglasses

Why wear color therapy glasses?

by Charles Lightwalker & Serena LaSol 

 Expose your body to the color frequency it needs to bring it back into balance while going about your daily tasks. Simply wear this color therapy product, color therapy eyewear, in the color which corresponds to the results you desire.

 Color therapy is simply using color to assist the body in healing. Emotions and moods can be affected by the use of color. Each color's vibration is associated with different attributes and qualities.

 One method of utilizing color to alter your mood or emotion is to wear color therapy glasses, looking at the world through "rose colored glasses," if you will (or green colored or yellow colored of violet colored, etc). The color of the light entering your body is concentrated in one spectrum. The mood or emotions associated with that color are enhanced, causing a shift in that direction. The eyes convert light (Color) into energy, which travels through our nervous system, and affects all body functions.

 Utilizing Color therapy glasses is a wonderful way to receive a Color treatment. Remember Color is like a vitamin, when you have a deficiency in Vitamin C you take more Vitamin C, when you have a lack of focus take more YELLOW or when you need to stimulate your metabolism take more RED. YELLOW says I can, it is the solar plexus. YELLOW is proven to assist one to stay focused (Wear YELLOW Color therapy glasses for twenty minutes). YELLOW stimulates the elimination system (paint the bathroom YELLOW). Use YELLOW only with BLUE as YELLOW will stimulate the appetite if not used in moderation and with BLUE. Wear BLUE Color therapy Glasses to support your Diet Light when away from home. Is it possible to "overdose" with color therapy? No. Our body will absorb as much of a color it needs to bring itself back into balance. After that, no more is absorbed. It is like a bucket of water. If you try to put more water into it when it is full, it will overflow. The bucket is not harmed. The excess water is simply not “absorbed”.

What Is Color Therapy?

 Color Therapy is a method of using good holistic, alternative medicine in the treatment of many diseases. Our bodies have a natural ability to balance themselves. When we are ill, one or more of our systems is out of balance. The body can use color to assist in bringing back that balance. As discussed on other web sites, it has been demonstrated that color introduced into the body can cause cellular and hormonal changes which can bring the cells into synchronization with the color. Our eyes take the light (color) that we see and convert it. It becomes a kind of energy. This energy will then travel though our nervous system, affecting all of our body's functions. Emotions and moods are also affected by color. Red is the color of self-confidence and power. To wear a bright red outfit takes self-assurance. But can our self-assurance be increased just by wearing red? Yes!

 The colors we see or wear or even the colors of the food we eat affect our mood and emotions. So if you are interested in Color Therapy, as tool to use in your healing adventure, contact The Family of Light Healing Centre.


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