By Barbara J Laing




Behold the Universe in all its glory

And stand in rapture at what you are seeing -

Its Truth will gradually dawn upon the soul -

This is but a trifle when compared with the essence of

The Absolute, Almighty, Omnipresent Whole!



Do you hear a whispering -
A murmuring inside,
From which, no matter what you do,
You simply cannot hide?

Do you find that every day
Is somehow meaningless -
Then, listen to those whispers
And gone shall be your hopelessness!

For, the Mother Ship that is your soul
Sails proudly on Life’s seas -
With sails hoisted in magnificence
She floats upon the buoyant breeze.

So, sail no more the stormy waters
Going where others think you should,
Follow Her for then you’ll find a peace
Where once confusion stood.

So, walk no more in darkness
Nor in the shadows of the night -
Hearken to those whisperings
And welcome to the Light!



The soul cannot develop

Whilst judging all around

Nor, its purity enveloped

Until acceptance has been found

Of the whole of all Humanity,

Whose beliefs may not ring true

Yet, non-the-less live purely - yes -

As pure and true as you!


For, to judge and cast aspersions

Is a heinous sin most foul,

Engendering such hostility

And nurturing lives lived cheek by jowl


So, please, this plea hear clearly,

For all hearts to open wide

For, still you are loved so dearly

And there is not a single wish to chide.




Is there a gentle tapping

Upon an internal door

Hush! - quiet now and listen -

You will hear it more and more!

For, this is the soul - yearning to be free

Whispering that this world’s charms

Aren’t all they seem to be.

For, the spirit within you

Longs to let you know -

You must think of true reality

And which way your life’s to go

It wants you to be aware -

As fully as you may -

That you should reflect upon your actions

At the end of each and every day

Have you brought happiness –

Love to one and all?

Or have you been doing, generally,

Things that would appall?

Give this your deepest thought -

Turn it over in your mind,

And then seek enlightenment

As you realize that, truly, you are blind

So, when you next feel

That yearning to be whole

Remember that the answer

Lies within your very soul

By a Power that will guide

And that is there for you always

For you to walk beside.







Times may come along in life

When you’re in for a bumpy ride -

Times of tribulation

From which you cannot hide.

Sometimes this ride gets bumpier

And then it levels out -

Times of calm that make you think

What is this all about?

Yet, Life’s tapestry is woven

In strands of purest gold

And if you learn to just let go

These strands will then unfold.

It’s a simple matter of acceptance

And of knowing deep within

That any little setbacks

Won’t make you think of giving in.

Just tell yourself each day

That you’ll feel the joy of living

And that you are open to the healing

That it is capable of giving.

For, such positive affirmations

Will feed your heart and soul

And if you trust in your Higher Self

It will lead you to your goal.

So, just hang on in there

And know there’ll be a time

When the shadows of today

Will be truly left behind.

A time when you’ll find your life

Will unfold just beautifully

And there’ll be joy in every day -

Just like there always used to be!



Each day that we live in Life

Is a gift for us to hold -

An exciting adventure

Just waiting to unfold.

We may dream our every cherished dream

And reach for each distant star,

Towards the endless possibilities

And challenges there are.

Believe always in yourself -

Become all you’re meant to be

Always nurture this belief,

And success you’re sure see!

And, should you ever be discouraged,

Know this happens to us all -

Times when every single person

May falter and then fall.

And yet each failure is a lesson

That, once learned, we may go on

And find new faith and energy

To build our lives upon.

So, look for the good in everyone,

To yourself be always true,

And you’ll find even the darkest clouds

Hide skies of purest blue.

So, in this way you’ll feel such peace

Throughout each and every day,

And a sense of tranquility

That you never could repay!





When the going’s tough

And your soul no longer sings -

When the dawning of each day

Only trouble ever brings,

When, even if there’s sunshine

And the purest of blue skies,

You are still beset with problems

Over which you feel you’ll never rise,

Please remember that each day -

No matter how full of care -

Is replete with opportunities

Thatare waiting for you there

So, the remedy’s quite simple -

Just allow yourself to be –

Feel the peace within your heart

For an answer you’ll then see.

You’ll be amazed at just how quickly

The curtains are then drawn

Across the troubles that surround you

As you awaken every morn -

You’ll feel a joy and happiness

That you shall scarce believe,

And a new meaning to each day

As your destiny you weave.

Give not a single thought

To all that’s been and gone,

For, every day brings a brand new dawn

To build your life upon!






Does Life ever get you down?

Do you find it impossible to smile?

Is your heart burdened down with cares

And sadness all the while?

Do the troubles that surround you

Seem they’ll never go away,

And that you’ll never again awaken

Looking forward to each day?

Then, please know that everyone -

With not a single one exception -

At some time, along Life’s path,

Finds that not everything’s perfection

For Life consists of mountains

Upon whose peaks we walk with pride,

Yet, there are times the valleys we descend

That bring such unhappiness inside

Yet, when it seems that we are bound

In a world that’s full of sadness,

Remember the one unchanging factor

That shall fill your heart with gladness,

And that is there is a Power –

A Loving Power to guide

With Hand outstretched eternally

To take yours to walk beside






It often seems that worry

Is a part of life today -

Anxiety over all the things

You think may come your way.

Yet, really worry is a thief

That steals your peace of mind,

Denying you the pleasure

Of all the joy in Life to find.

So, live each moment to the full -

Allow Life to be your friend

And very soon you’ll find,

Your worries at an end!






Sometimes in life it somehow seems

That things are just not fair -

When truth is on your side

Yet others do not care,

When all that you had worked towards

Turns to shifting sand

And you think you’ve said goodbye

To all your dreams and plans.

Yet, if you consider for a moment

That the true reality

Is that such times can become those

When you finally break free.

Free from all that’s happened -

And brought you to this place

So try to just accept it

With equanimity and grace.

Acknowledge that within you

There’s a Higher plan for you -

A path for you to walk

Where you can to yourself be true.

And remember those who’ve hurt you,

With all the things that they have done,

Are heading for some lessons

That with certainty will come.

Yet, that is no concern of yours

For this Universe is just

So, relax and just let go

And nurture that inner trust.

For, as sure as the sun arises

And then slips away each night,

All of your tomorrows

Will be both beautiful and bright!


Barbara J Laing is a writer of inspirational words for the Greeting Card Publishers. She lives in Wirral, Cheshire UK. Many times between writing for the greeting cards, I often write deeply spiritual and inspirational words. I don't really know how I come to write them as they just form in my mind. I feel that this is indeed a gift from the Universe for which I give thanks every day as they have helped many people who are going through Life's trials. You may contact her at barbaralaing@tiscali.co.uk     Tel:- 0044 ( 0)151 678 8081






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