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by John Price

While thumbing through some Ageless Wisdom texts recently, I was surprised to see that one of the exercises taught by the Masters was to act as if to bring firmness to the mental and emotional bodies and insure manifestation. It made me think of the old adage to "fake it until you make it," which I hadn't considered a spiritual activity.

As I contemplated the instruction I began to see how it worked. Yes, of course. Energy follows thought. Therefore, this wasn't a make-believe game. It was developing a self-fulfilling prophecy-a way of conditioning consciousness to the activity of Truth.

I should mention here that acting as if will produce results only if you are alert and enthusiastic about the process. A tired, uninspired couch potato probably won't be able to get into the firmness groove.

To continue, whether it's financial, physical, creative success or a loved and loving relationship, we're working with the same principle. When we choose a certain aspect of life and living, and accept it in our feeling nature, we should move into a consciousness of HAVE. But this may be difficult to maintain while the form or experience is still in the invisible stage. We inflate the Have balloon, so to speak, only to find it empty again after a nick of concern.

So what happens when we act as if following the acceptance step? The imaging power of Consciousness is released to enable us to see more clearly from a higher vision. Remember that Jesus, in the Gnostic Gospels, said, "What you see, you shall become." To act as if the abundance is fully manifest brings forth images of stability and security. The mind and body are more poised, and we feel the image of fulfillment and completion. We see the money in the bank, an all-sufficiency always available for a life more abundant.

Same thing for physical wholeness. To act as z/we are radiantly healthy produces corresponding images with dynamic healing power. As Charles Fillmore wrote in The Twelve Powers of Man, "...we know that through the imagination we can produce wonderful changes in the body." And from The Alchemist's Handbook:

"I see myself with a magnificently healthy body in perfect order, where every cell is in the image of the perfect pattern, and I am whole and complete. I see myself as vibrant, energetic, and filled with a new zest for life. I feel wonderful!" This is seeing as Spirit sees.

And when we act as if in the fulfillment of creative endeavors, right livelihood intentions, or a fulfilling loving relationship, we are opening the door to divine images that show us the reality, the truth, that it is done!


As if releases the imaging power which activates the energy of faith. This is the faith of unfailing assurance that will continue to remove the mountains of fear and doubt. In The Superbeings I wrote:

What does faith mean to you? Define it. Hold it in your mind and examine every detail of it. Faith! It is the power that can make you is the "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Literally you can do all things through faith because faith is the connecting link between heaven and earth, between cause and effect. The powerful energy of faith will break down the middle wall of partition. The incredibly awesome force of this power will penetrate into the depths of consciousness and burn away the hardened strata of error thoughts. Faith is the foundation upon which the realization of Truth must be built.

And the process continues. As if produces imaging power which activates faith which in turn energizes the power of will.


In essence, will-power is the one pointed focus to hold in firmness the consciousness-conditioning of as is, the images of completion and fulfillment, and the unfailing assurance of faith. It is not something we try to bring forth from a personal sense. Rather, it is the natural result of the first two aspects. And at this point we move into a full measure of HAVE. Now..."he that hath, to him shall be given." This is when Spirit takes over to complete the self-fulfilling prophecy.

I act AS IF I am rich, whole, successful, loved and loving because I AM. And it is so!



John Randolph Price is an internationally known lecturer and bestselling author. of eighteen nonfiction books: The Angels Within Us, Angel Energy, Living a Life of Joy, The Superbeings published by Ballantine/Random House. Published byHay House are The Abundance Book, The Alchemist's Handbook, Empowerment, The Jesus Code, The Love Book, The Meditation Book, Practical Spirituality, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, The Success Book, The Superbeings (trade edition), The Wellness Book, With Wings As Eagles, The Workbook for Self-Mastery (formerly titled The Planetary Commission), Removing the Masks That Bind Us, and Nothing Is Too Good To Be True. His books, published in many languages, have sold in the millions. Visit his website:

This article is republished from the Quartus Report, a monthly newsletter. John and his wife started the Quartus Foundation in 1981. The Word "Quartus" denotes the four-square aspect of each individual: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. The foundation is a research and communications organization with the stated purpose of probing the mysteries of Ageless Wisdom and integrating those interminable truths with spiritual metaphysics. By combining the dynamics of mind with the unlimited potential of universal laws, the ancient principle of energy follows thought is confirmed. With this understanding as a key, a door opens to a new philosophy of life that is both practical and rewarding.

John and Jan Price are also the founders of World Healing Day which originated on December 31, 1986 (His prayer for World Peace in reprinted in Suzanne Harrill’s affirmation book, Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself: Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day).

To Learn more about Quartus visit their web site:




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