The World Is Changing

by Ron Van Dyke

The world is changing—I want you to see:

The way it has been is not how it will be.

As the old passes away, gives birth to the new,

A surprise transformation co-created by few.

The world of Truth is a world of Light;

Replacing the lies, dawn bursting from night.

False rulers chagrined, their anger and rage,

Their plans lie in ashes at the start of an age.

So powerful they seemed to the whole human race,

Till the truth was revealed that all had to face.

They lied and they schemed, conspired to kill

The love and the hope…imposing their will.

They were the Ego’s grandest display;

Desiring control, they’d lost their way.

Life’s flow was stronger, empowering souls,

Bringing end to the slavery, and all ego goals.

A heavenly host responding to cries,

Shifted the pattern to mankind’s surprise.

They joined with the dreamers, the people of vision,

Standing in unity and ending derision.

From the clouds, from the skies, from within and below,

New realities appeared; new energy did flow.

Showing forth for all time, the triumph of peace;

Prosperity for all, as all wars could now cease.

Somehow we could see beyond the charade,

What Reality’s support had always displayed.

So we focused and focused, and what did we see?

We’d all been deceived; yet we all could be free.

A phoenix reborn from ashes and dust,

Recommitting ourselves, we saw what we must.

Beyond the illusion, yet within the grand game:

Mirrors, more mirrors, all images the same.

Looking back we recalled our journey towards home,

All the pitfalls and dangers through which we did roam.

We walked long in darkness, and often in fear,

Alone life after lifetime, year after year.

Our helpers though present, seemed out of our reach,

Unseen and unheard, we could feel the breach.

Separated from good, or so it did seem;

We played the victims, a nightmarish dream.

Oh, how we longed to be in control;

And beating our masters was our greatest goal.

We schemed and we plotted, we just would not quit.

We longed for the answer…didn’t know we were it.

The hope of the world on our shoulders did lie:

The call to create a new day by and by.

Shaking and trembling every doubt would arise,

As we wondered and worried if God heard our cries.

By grace some remembered that we were gods too…

Beyond the delusion of intoxicating brew.

We were spirits made flesh in the limits of time;

Infinite, eternal, oh how sublime!

Beyond our own masks, beyond our charade,

We saw the design that we too had made.

We saw that the they, we all liked to accuse,

Somehow was us—it all was just a ruse.

We saw that the answer was not in a fight,

But in letting our fears step into the Light.

Allowing our shadow to speak to our heart,

And bring us its gifts that were here from the start.

How often we ran; how often we hid;

Unwilling to open and peer ‘neath the lid.

Resisting, denying…this cannot be me!

I'd rather blame them for what I can see

Revelation for many: we're each found in all.

We had forgotten, though now we recall.

Remembering, we awakened, saw darkness: the gift;

Stepped into the Void, which gave us a lift

To a realm of connection, unity and love…

Everything made one: below and above.

No more division, and certainly no blame…

We had all played roles, whatever their name.

Forgiving myself was surely the key

To birth that new world from inside of me.

Perspective was gained; my vibration was raised—

Finding the treasure before so unfazed.

Now we could see a new civilization

Where harmony and truth would guide every nation.

Sometimes I say "I," yet always it's "we"

Who create this new world where all can be free.

Interconnected, unselfishly serving,

From the vision of Life always unswerving.

Each for the other, and all for the One.

This paradigm is here: a new world’s begun.






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