Spiritual Growth

The "Easy Chair" Method for Prayer and Meditation

by Robert C. Felix

Prayer meditation does not require an extensive command of technique, or any religious training whatsoever. It is so easy that anyone with an open mind can tap into the vast power of Pure Love. It can be as simple as reading the 10 prayer meditations of The Partners Within or reflecting on any of their words. All it takes is a few minutes a day. The tools are within you.

If done on a regular basis, the inevitable result is a new thought or feeling that helps you improve your life. At the very least, it is a simple relaxation technique that opens your mind to new and better solutions. Multiply these results times 7 days a week, 12 months a year and you can see how daily prayer meditation works. Be advised, however, that results typically start slowly and in little ways. Your dreams may change in an instant but your reality will change more slowly over time. But with commitment, the use of prayer meditation will help you choose what is best for the dual powers of your left and right brain and transform your life.

You may want to begin with using the prayer meditation of "LIGHT--LOVE--ONE" (outlined below), as it is the simplest and most powerful of all. It uses a pure white light and invokes a universal trinity of Higher Powers that will help you see what is best for your personal growth. It is recommended for both an opening and closing prayer meditation. Beginners can make enormous progress with this partner alone. Advanced practitioners may choose to concentrate on this because it offers the simplest method for approaching the purest and highest powers of the universe. If you only learn this simple little three-word phrase, you will be well on your way to bringing an ever-increasing amount of Pure Love into your life.

However, it may be difficult to achieve the full potential of your higher powers if you have some troubling imbalances in your human realm. For these problems, the first 7 prayer meditations use the color spectrum of light to help you choose what is best for the sometimes-conflicting powers of your left and right brain. In order to help you determine what is best for both, each of the 7 colors of the rainbow is assigned to one of the 7 dualistic aspects of your human nature. For instance, if there is a disparity between the thoughts of your head and the feelings of your heart, you will want to picture the color red while you meditate with the words Head and Heart. Likewise, for other problems, use the color orange for your Present and Past, yellow for your Logic and Emotions, green for your Self and Others, blue for your Reality and Dreams, indigo for your Service and Prosperity and purple for your Purpose and Peace. After reviewing the colors and their related dualities you may find some specific areas that you will want to concentrate on. Each of these 7 dualities should be a partnership of equals in your life. But, if you find a conflict between one of these pairs, or you find an inequality where one aspect dominates the other, you will want to concentrate on that specific prayer meditation.

In this way, you will reflect upon any discrepancies you receive between your left and right brain. Use the colors to remind you to not judge your thoughts and feelings. It is important that you enter into an impartial and tolerant state. Merely accept the responses you receive. New thoughts and feelings in the form of instincts, inspirations, enlightenment and intuition may occur immediately, later in the day, or gradually over a period of time. The greater the inequality between the dual aspects of your brain, the more prayer meditation will help you to bring them together. All it takes is practice and Pure Love. The result will be a steady improvement in the quality of your life.

In order to start enjoying the benefits of prayer meditation, all you need to do is to pause for a moment and become perfectly still, totally alone with the pounding of your heart and the hum of your brain. You will enter a place you call your own, a place for your unique inner self. This is the place where you will be free from the roles you play that insure your survival, free from the demands of the people and the institutions that are involved in your life. Sometimes this is a place where you may want to review the memories, pictures and stories of your life. Other times it can be a place where you observe the results of your behavior. This is always the place where you choose the warm feelings of love over the coldness of harm. This is the place where you create a partnership of equals between your thoughts and feelings, your left and right brain, your inner and outer self and your human and higher powers.

Not everyone is familiar with meditation. If you have never meditated, there is nothing to fear. For those who would like some guidance in technique, the "Easy Chair" method is outlined here. In order to enter into a meditative state, all you have to do is find a few minutes and a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Start by sitting in a comfortable chair, eyes closed, spine straight, head effortlessly balanced on the shoulders, feet on the floor and palms upright on the lap. Draw as many deep breaths as necessary to relax the mind and all the muscles of the body. Start with your feet and work your way up to the top of your head. With practice, you will be able to obtain a state of deep relaxation within seconds. The main objective is to become perfectly still and silence the mind. When we eliminate distractions, we are able to go deep inside ourselves and attain pure introspection. Here, the guidance of Pure Love awaits us.

Next, focus on the pulsation of your heart. Silently chant the word "Light" in time with each beat, doing so over and over again until you eliminate all other thoughts. Then, picture a brilliant and pure white Light starting to glow from the inside of your mind. Gradually slowing the timing of the chant, switch your focus to the rhythm of your breath, using a single breath for each word. As you inhale, draw the Light into the physical mind. As you exhale, feel the Light spread throughout the body: your mind, torso, arms and legs. Concentrate on the visualization of this Light glowing and radiating throughout your entire body. This Light is representing all of the goodness, virtue, purity and perfection that exist in the universe.

Now, along with this Light, chant the word "Love" with the same rhythm that you obtained with the word "Light." Concentrate on a wondrous and beautiful feeling of Pure Love. Visualize yourself being bathed in Pure Love. Pure Love’s essence is unconditional Love; the emotion of desiring what is right and what is best for all. It is an absolute Love of infinite proportions that can do no harm. This partnership of Light and Love compounds the power of your human love, a love that wants what is right for the self, and stimulates the growth of your higher love, a universal Love that wants what is right for all. Light represents your left-brain human powers of awareness and ideas. Love represents your right-brain higher powers of compassion and respect. When we succeed in partnering together Light and Love, to the exclusion of all other thoughts, we are beginning to utilize the power of this partner within us.

Allow the power of this partnership to stimulate all of the love inside you and allow it to connect you with all of the love that surrounds you. You will feel an "energizing" or "tingling" sensation bristling throughout your being as you stimulate the power of your higher self. You will also feel a profound sense of peace as the love and wisdom of the universe permeates your being. This energy will feel like it is coming from deep inside you. Concentrate on this energy for a few more moments. Then slowly stop the chanting and simply focus on feeling the power of Pure Love. From here on, you will only need to use the chanting occasionally if you start to lose your concentration.

This is where you become "One" with the power of the universe. This is where you bring the dual powers of your left and right brain come together in a partnership of equals. This is where you become One with the Highest Source of all: the Power of God. The powerful love of this internal partnership merges with all of the other Love that exists throughout our universe. It starts as a desire to do the right thing for you and then intensifies into a passion to do what is right for all. This is the power that helps you choose what is best for all of your "partners within:" your Logic and Emotions, your Reality and Dreams, your Inner and Outer self and your Human and Higher powers. Ultimately, this partnership of Light and Love will fuse all the distinct elements of your entire being. It is here that you will connect with the infinite energy of the universe that surrounds us all.

Now, in this deeply personal space, you can simply bask in the glory of Pure Love, allowing this beautiful and caring Love to grow ever-more pervasive in your life, opening yourself up to its new and better solutions. This is the essence of prayer meditation. In order to connect to something greater than yourself, you have to make a conscious choice to enter into this state. It is like entering into a gap between the stimulus of your thoughts and the normal reaction to those thoughts. It is in this "gap of silence" where the whispers of the universe come to you through the opening of your Soul. It is like listening at a crack in the door that opens up to the power of the Cosmos. Even if you enter into this moment for only a few seconds, it is here that Pure Love will provide comfort for the Body, contentment for the Mind, warmth for the Heart and guidance for the Soul.


Excerpt from The Partners Within, a book by Robert C. Felix © 1995-2004





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