by Debbie Rainwater

I thought I caught a glimpse of you

in the early hours of today-

But it turned out to be the sunrise,

with it's colorful magic looking my way.


I thought I say you last night,

in the darkness of the skies above,

But it turned out to be a star,

with its promise of undying love.


I thought I felt you in the afternoon,

when something softly touched my face-

But it was merely a cleansing raindrop,

with all its splendor and its grace.


And then atop a majestic mountain,

in the back-roads of my mind -

I saw you sitting near some water,

reflecting love in the rays of sunshine.


I felt the gentle spirit resting comfortably

within your soul-

And I walked towards the waters of love,

that we were given to grow.


Seeds have been planted deep within

you and deep within me-

Harvest is yet in the future,

when we arrive to our destiny.


And like the farmer who depends on the

skies to nourish his crops below,

I will patiently look towards the heavens,

for nourishment in our own crop to grow..........







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