By Peggy Floyd



Each morning as dawn breaks, our eyes open to a new day.

We have a sense of expectancy at our chance to live a better way.


Each new day we are given a gift, an opportunity to start anew,

To rid ourselves of limitations, to see our dreams come true.


A second chance to shed the past, to set aside the old,

To take a fresher look at life, dare we be so bold?


Dare we reach out to our dreams?  Dare we take the chance to see?

Dare we open up our hearts to all we've ever desired to be?


We dare NOT ignore our feelings, our yearnings to be free

Of all the shadows in our mind that limit our right to be.


So each morning as dawn breaks and our eyes open to a new day

Dare we not take the chance to live our life a better way?





Forget past mistakes

they are useless

once the lesson is learned.

Take the lessons from them

and discard the rest.

Let go and move forward

to the light and joy of TODAY!



       ----- think of today ------

NOW is the moment.

EXPERIENCE it as it passes

for it will prepare you





As the dawn breaks

    on this, a new day,

         I am moving away.


Away from the past,

    away from the old,

         away from the Me that used to be.


The ago has taught it's lessons,

     it's purpose has been served.

I move away today

    to begin a new past from which to learn.


Peggy Floyd writes about her inner journey. Following her inner guidance in 1988, she joined a friend in England who was writing a book. Trusting her intuition allowed Peggy to spend six glorious months in the English countryside. Her friend was instrumental in helping Peggy begin her writing career by encouraging her to keep a journal in which poetry flowed on the pages. Writing poetry helps Peggy get in touch with her inner truth and has opened new, wonderful worlds for her.





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