Women In Art

Submitted by Danna Malcolm

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Almost 4 million views and rated as 4 stars!

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In Life

In life there are moments,
when you miss someone
so much, that you wish
you could grab them
out of your dreams
and hug them tight!

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Kosmos Journal

Founded in 2001, Kosmos is the leading international Journal for planetary citizens committed to the birth and emergence of a new planetary culture and civilization. Embracing a comprehensive approach to change, its cutting edge writers address the many facets of individual, cultural and global transformation. Articles address diverse cultural values, new spirituality, global activism and global political, economic, social, institutions. Stunning visuals grace its pages.


The Art of Enchantment - Faeries, Mermaids, Angels, Fantasy


A dear friend of mine made these films and just sent the third one to me. I thought you might enjoy them. Could just be me but it can't hurt to watch! They're really beautiful.

Click here: and click on Duirwaigh films up at the top. Watch A Knock at the Door, then Guardians and then The Heavens Rejoice.






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