By Vicky Bowker Jeter


Come On Out


Come on out.  Spin around.

Come and play with me;

there is so much to see.

After our life-long game of Hide and Seek,

I am remembering me.


Come on out.  It's all right.

Come and talk with me;

tell me of all that you fear.

I will hold you and love you and let you know

I have room for all of your tears.


Come on out.  Take my hand.

Come and walk with me;

let's see what we can find.

I want to feel all the moments that you have held

in dreams and memories I left behind.


Come on out.  Spin around.

Come and play with me;

 For now, our hard work is done.

So, together we'll adventure through both then and now,

remembering how to have fun!


A View from Atop "The Hill"


Today is my fortieth birthday,

and as it comes to a close

in mind I am scanning far horizons,

while reflecting in calm repose.

I know not what I expected--

what likely homage might be due--

But it's really captured my surprise,

this sudden panoramic view!


I welcome ways my path is heading,

while curious in view of paths I past.

I'm trading in excited hype

for serenities that last.


My youth was much in upward climbs;

steep to rewarded goals;

now I'm looking forward to

equal downslides of my rainbow.


No highlights in my greying hair,

no tucking this or that--

Hell, I walk with canes anyway,

and I adore a fancy hat!


For I embrace the sacred aged,

and the venerability of "old;"

the peace of Spirit's wisdom

beyond endless pots of gold.


May I be useful to our youthful

and as my coming years unwind.

may my dearest loves be truthful;

on approach, may Death be kind.



Vicky is a Practitioner of Religious Science of 17 years, specializing in pre- and perinatal considerations in the application of universal creative principles to heal lives and build dreams.  She is also the author of articles, stories, and poems.

Contact Vicky at: vicky@goldkeyendeavours.com  Website: www.goldkeyendeavours.com






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