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May 7th - 8th, 2007 at the London Convention Centre.

80% of all illness is caused by stress. Invest 2 days to learn the tools for positive change.

The International Emotional Wellness Forum is a groundbreaking event in today’s world of extreme change, to explore the significant effects stress has on health and performance. Designed as an inspiring platform to learn strategies and tools for positive change with internationally acclaimed physicians, best-selling authors and industry leaders. See a few of our featured speakers below:

An Inspirational Evening with Deepak Chopra

Tuesday, May 8th

Deepak Chopra is among the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and a pioneer in the field of mind/body medicine. His work as a doctor, author and teacher has touched millions of lives. Chopra speaks to sold-out audiences globally and this is the first time in many years that he will be in London. Deepak will share insights of his newest book ‘Buddha’ which comes out in May.

Ticket information can be found at:

Howard Martin, Heart Math
Howard Martin

The Power of Positive Emotions: Improving Health, Performance and Well Being

High workload, management style, and professional conflict have been the main sources of stress for many years. High levels of emotional distress have been found to drive health costs, absenteeism, disability and accidents. In this session, participants will be introduced to the HeartMath stress management techniques that combine emotional refocusing and problem solving tools. These techniques prevent burnout by improving perceptions of work intensity and feelings of productivity.

Loretta LaRoche, The Humour Potential

How to Live a Long & Juicy Life

With her trademark humor and practical wisdom, Loretta LaRoche will show you how to live a long, healthy, juicy life by mastering your body and mind- before you lose them! This workshop is filled with useful advice, spirituality, and (of course) loads of laughter. Live a life centered on learning, loving, and laughing. Create soul-stretching attitudes and trade old behaviors for bold behaviors-adding years to your life and "juice" to your years!


This forum is designed for people who are interested in peak performance and a proactive lifestyle. Individuals such as Health care and human resource professionals, educators, senior managers, emergency services personnel, coaches, natural health enthusiasts and anyone affected by stress or trauma.

For full program details, visit International Emotional Wellness Forum website.

Phone: 519.263.5050





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