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by John Price

Emerson said ''We are what we think about all day long." To some of us that can be a bit scary. If every thought creates a cluster of thoughtforms that touches our emotions, spurs words that are less than positive and literally projects what we are on the screen of the external world, it's no wonder that we sometimes frown at the way the Great Law works. That is, until we move our consciousness into the God-stream of blessedness.

I'm reminded of a passage in Bruce Wilkinson's book The Prayer of Jabez. He writes about a spiritual retreat in the mountains and being matched with a mentor who touches lives for God. "On the way to the showers the first morning, you walk past his room. His door is ajar, and he has just knelt down to pray. You can't resist. How exactly does a giant of the faith begin his prayers? you wonder. You pause and lean closer. Will he pray for revival? Pray for the hungry around the world? Pray for you? But this is what you hear: 'Oh Lord, I beg you first and most this morning, please bless . . .me!'"

Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my borders, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from harm. And God granted what he asked. (1 Chronicles 4.9-10)

This was the prayer of Jabez--his consciousness speaking to God--yet in our understanding of Truth we know that God does not wait until we ask. The blessings are forever flowing from the Source within. As I was told in meditation recently, you cannot hold God back!

So what is the true significance of this prayer? It shows us that when we go within, reconnecting ourselves with our Divine Consciousness with the heart-felt desire to gratefully receive our blessings, miracles happen. We are blessed indeed as the power of God goes before us to straighten out every crooked place while protecting us from the negative forces of this world.

Wonders never cease when we daily go within to the Secret Place and say with deep gratitude…

Thank you God for blessing me indeed, for enlarging my consciousness to be an open channel for your love, for perfecting all that concerns me and for keeping me on the right path of peace, love, forgiveness and understanding.

With this powerful prayer of thanks- giving, the slides in our projector are changed because we know, feel and see the loving will of God in action through us. We become secure in our blessings.

Moment by moment, hour by hour, our consciousness radiates the tone and pitch of our mind-heart set.

The energy flowing from within goes before us to create according to what we are decreeing. Pause here and think about your habitual thought patterns. Disappointment, futility, loss, loneliness, lack, restrictions, physical maladies? We are what we think about. The creative light is forever shining through to fulfill our "prayer," for what we are holding in consciousness is definitely a prayer.

It is important to understand a paradox about prayer at this point. How many times do we go within--to become consciously aware of Spirit--in order to get something, a thing or experience we think we need in the outer world? That's denying the principle of HAVE, which short-circuits the Divine Process. It's when we go within only to experience the love and blessings of God do we find our lives being turned rightside up.

Accept first the blessings of God and the things needed in the outer world will be manifest in perfect ways. As we bask in the blessings, the wonders of life are miraculously multiplied way' beyond our expectations--and that includes finances, success, physical wholeness, and loving relationships. But again, these are the added things. The God Experience must come first, and that takes place through commitment to the Presence within and contemplative meditation on the Truth of Being. In essence, our dependence must be on God within and not on anything in the external world.

Think about this for a moment and jot down where you have transferred your dependence on good fortune, health and happiness to something in this world.

The Activity of God.

We also maintain the right slides in the projector when we contemplate the activity of God, the divine flow that is eternally taking place from within out. Many years ago we found a little pamphlet titled The Activity of God written by the great .. spiritual teacher J. Sig Paulson and published by Unity. Here are excerpts.

The activity of God is a divine prescription that will enrich the life and experience of everyone who takes it. Taken on faith and love, it will multiply the blessings of a rich and successful life, bring new direction and meaning to a complacent one, revitalize a monotonous one, and completely transform one that is beset by problems of any kind.

Here are the words: "The activity of God is the only power at work in my mind, heart, and life. All false beliefs, all negative appearances are dissolved right now by the loving, forgiving action of God. I am whole, strong, and free as God created me to be."

This prescription is in three sections: the first states the Truth simply; the second describes the action of Truth; the third tells the result of the action of Truth. The power of the prescription lies not in the works but in the Truth they contain. The words, however, serve a wonderful and indispensable purpose—they direct your attention to the Truth, help you to an attitude of faith and expectancy, which leads to knowing the Truth, and the Truth then sets you free--free from every type of limitation, mental, emotional, physical, or habitual.

Jan and I worked with this divine prescription for months back in the early seventies, and miracle followed miracle. It was another way of changing the slides in the projector, to change the thoughts that make us who we are and prove the certainty of consciousness in the right way. Commit the prescription to memory and think those thoughts of Truth throughout the day.

Recently we had the opportunity to remember the eternal flow of blessings and the activity of God.

Our precious and beloved Springer, Maggi, was the instrument for this reminder. On a Wednesday in October, she suddenly experienced a seizure, could hardly breathe and was throwing her body against the wall and literally screaming. I was home alone with her-Jan was at the office. The attack lasted about thirty minutes, and during this time I used everything I knew to help her spiritually, but I realized later that I was too emotionally involved to be of much assistance.

We took her to the vet and his pronouncement was that she had a severe heart condition, her heart racing in full acceleration. He gave us pills for her, one every twelve hours. They didn't seem to help. The next day she had another attack that lasted over two hours. Again to the vet. Then another two hour episode the next evening, the attacks continuing daily. And then some- thing happened with us. Jan said, "John, we've forgotten who we are!" That statement turned us both' within to a deeper level, and we moved into a consciousness of being totally impersonal as we watched her with a sense of loving detachment, willing to let her go if that was the best course of action.

We began to focus on God's blessings in this situation while affirming the divine prescription of the Activity of God. Thank you God for blessing all three of us indeed.. .and we know your activity is the

only power at work here! We felt the Light penetrating the darkness.

The following Tuesday our friend Woody called from Birmingham and we told him about Maggi. He said he would go to work immediately. Then Jan called Erica to take over the Circle of Friends meditation circle, explaining that we had to stay home with Maggi. We heard later that the group drummed for her healing.

The seizures began to be much milder and further apart, the last one coming a week and a half ago. She has become her former fun-loving self, has a great appetite, and is greatly enjoying life. Oh that you have blessed us indeed!

I share this to remind you not to forget who you are regardless of the situation you may be facing. You are the recipient of God's magnificent blessings, the instrument through which the activity of God is flowing, and when the dependence is on the Presence within, miracles do occur.



Recommended reading: Chapter Two, "Blessing All and Praying for Others" in Empowerment, by John Randolph Price.

John Randolph Price is an internationally known lecturer and bestselling author. of eighteen nonfiction books: The Angels Within Us, Angel Energy, Living a Life of Joy, The Superbeings published by Ballantine/Random House. Published byHay House are The Abundance Book, The Alchemist's Handbook, Empowerment, The Jesus Code, The Love Book, The Meditation Book, Practical Spirituality, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, The Success Book, The Superbeings (trade edition), The Wellness Book, With Wings As Eagles, The Workbook for Self-Mastery (formerly titled The Planetary Commission), Removing the Masks That Bind Us, and Nothing Is Too Good To Be True. His books, published in many languages, have sold in the millions. Visit his website:

This article is republished from the Quartus Report, December, 2006. John and his wife started the Quartus Foundation in 1981. The Word "Quartus" denotes the four-square aspect of each individual: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. The foundation is a research and communications organization with the stated purpose of probing the mysteries of Ageless Wisdom and integrating those interminable truths with spiritual metaphysics. By combining the dynamics of mind with the unlimited potential of universal laws, the ancient principle of energy follows thought is confirmed. With this understanding as a key, a door opens to a new philosophy of life that is both practical and rewarding.

John and Jan Price are also the founders of World Healing Day which originated on December 31, 1986

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