Vol 4, No. 10

Daily Purpose

I begin my day by asking to be of service.
I notice the detours that bring unexpected meetings
and conversations with others. I accept today’s special assignment.

-- from Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
by Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed.


This Month's Issue:

September 3, 1999:
the day that changed my life

By Ute Lawrence

Spirituality and Trauma: An Essay

by Robert Grant Ph.D.

One’s True Identity

By Gena Smith

Questions & Answers

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Empowering You to Love Yourself

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Greetings from the Editor:

I Watch With Expectancy for Today’s Special Purpose

As always I am reminded that the higher spiritual laws operate to put us in touch with people who can help us or bring to us others who need our help. I really do not have to look far to notice where to take my next step on the everlasting journey of personal growth and expansion. Neither do I have to worry that I need to do "something" to make the world a better place. My latest spiritual assignment found me, again.

A dear friend died several years ago and left me in charge of a trust for her grown children. The financial details are not why I am involved, it is clear to me now. At this time her son needs my emotional support and help. A relationship breakup has thrown him into a crisis. As I write this column, I am choosing to call him daily to listen, offer insights, and help him problem-solve what he needs to do to move to a better place.

I invite you to pay attention to the small assignments Life presents you, today.




Personal Growth and Transformation

Transforming Victimization: True Stories #10

September 3, 1999, the day that changed my life

By Ute Lawrence

I used to greet each day with an almost naive anticipation of what wonderful things it might bring. I experienced a lot of joy and laughter and of course, periods of sadness and suffering in my life, but overall, I always believed that I could handle everything that came my way, good or bad.

That belief was shattered on the day that changed my life. The most intense suffering I ever experienced in my life started on September 3, 1999, when my husband, Stan, and I were on our way from London, Ontario, Canada to Detroit for a business meeting.

The sun was coming up and everything seemed fine. It was a beautiful morning. We were traveling on Highway 401 when suddenly, unexpectedly, we saw this wall of fog in front of us. As we entered it, Stan slammed on the breaks almost immediately and we found ourselves sideways on the highway...

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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question: How can I best help my daughter (and her husband) at this point in time? As you'd understand I'm keen to impart some of my spiritual wisdom to the situation but I don't know if that's appropriate at this stage when she is so stressed and physically unwell. I don't know if I would be just making the situation worse when I share with her my soul thoughts about what is going on and what there is to learn. It's difficult because I see her trying to address the issues on a superficial/physical plane level of awareness when I know that I know her depression is soul based.

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Spirituality and Trauma: An Essay

by Robert Grant Ph.D.

Traumatic experiences forces victims to face issues lying outside the boundaries of personal and collective frames of reference. As a result they are forced to confront psychological and spiritual challenges that are unfamiliar to the average person. Therapists need to recognize that organizations of self and God are often thrown into questions or destroyed by experiences of trauma. The deconstructive power of trauma exposes the lack of substance and cohesiveness that comprises identity and images of God.

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Personal Growth

One’s True Identity

By Gena Smith

Discovering who we are is a very important developmental milestone. Our self-identity is created by our internal character, personality and appearance. By knowing ourselves, we can create inner-peace and a successful life for ourselves. Everyone views success differently. Some people view success through religious believes or being in a position of authority. Others view success as having a family and a home. Though everyone views success differently, we all want to be successful in the way we view it. Our self-identity is also important in relationships because to be able to love and learn about other people in our lives, we must first learn and love ourselves. Our self-identity is very important; therefore, we should learn how the negative influences deter us from being at peace with ourselves, while also learning how we can be at peace with our selves...

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Some people are Great with Cameras

Sunset From Space

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