Vol 4, No. 8


I am developing my inner vision to see
behind the obvious in my life circumstances.

My inner vision gives me insights
that my five senses do not pick up.
I trust my inner vision to protect and guide me.

-- from Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
by Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed.


This Month's Issue:

Discarding Toxic Tapes from Childhood

By Barbara Neff

The Freedom of Connection and Joy

by Mary O’Malley

Emotional Mind Hooks

By Gary Bate

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Empowering You to Love Yourself

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“Suzanne has created a practical, easy-to-read book to help you build a positive future. Those of you who understand the process of self-healing will use this book to fine tune your ability to change and help yourself live from a strong internal place of awareness. There are many suggestions to help you get to the bottom ol low self-esteem and powerful affirmations to help you build a positive foundation for your life”

Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul (more)

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Greetings from the Editor:

Self-Critical or Self-Inquiry?

A friend recently sent me a questionnaire with personal questions, like what color would you be if you were a crayon, or do you like red or pink better? She had answered the questionnaire with the offering to get to know each other better. As I read her answers, one of the questions jumped off the page at me: "what is your most negative thought about yourself?" She answered, "Thinking I am too fat." To be honest with myself, I had to admit to having a similar answer (and then I watched myself criticize myself for having such negative thoughts).

In the next moment, I felt deep sadness, not only for the two of us, but for all of us that are overly self-critical and fail to appreciate, daily, the beauty and perfection of our physical bodies. I vow to get back on track and say my favorite affirmation, "I love my body and my body loves me."

Being self-critical lowers our self-esteem and keeps us stuck judging ourselves and feeling bad. Self-inquiry on the other hand is a helpful, useful method of offering continuous self-improvement. Using the above example, we ask ourselves with self-inquiry, such things as, "I wonder what I can do differently to be more pleased with my body weight?" or "What am I willing to do, today, to take a small step towards my goal of weighing less?" or "What might I do to accept myself today exactly as I am?" or "Who is it that is being critical of me?"

I invite you readers to catch yourself each time you start the cycle or being self-critical and change your perspective to that of practicing self-inquiry. Have a conscious day!




Personal Growth and Transformation

Transforming Victimization: True Stories #8

Discarding Toxic Tapes from Childhood

By Barbara Neff

Through honest assessment and a lot of hard self work, I was able to discard most of the toxic tapes from my childhood. I had to dig. I still do. I had to sometimes use an emotional sledgehammer to rid myself of old messages. I still do. Self work led me to one pure truth; a truth of which I remind myself often; a truth that changed my life once I grasped it and embraced it. The truth that changed my life is this: Love is not supposed to hurt.

Can a person whose body has been scarred by injury or illness be productive and happy? Of course. Can a person with a mended soul thrive? Absolutely, with genuine desire and tenacity.

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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question: I am a fifth grade teacher and will quit my job at the end of this coming year to attend graduate school to become a counselor. Over the years I have done a lot of personal growth work, yet I find my negative thinking surfaces too often, especially in relationship to this job. I do not like the administration at my school and dread going to work. I still have to finish this coming year and need a boost to do a good job. I owe it to the school children to get myself on track. Please give me some affirmations to help.

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The Freedom of Connection and Joy

by Mary O’Malley

Before we can begin to be curious about what we are experiencing and bring it the healing of compassion, which is the doorway to our freedom, we need to allow the possibility that our challenges are not here because we have done something wrong. The belief that we are wrong is so deep in our psyche that at first it may be difficult to let in the truth that your challenges are here because they are tailor-made to bring you to awakening.

I am not saying that you haven't done unskillful things in your life, we all have. But we have a choice in how we relate to our unskillfulness. To judge ourselves keeps us caught in an ongoing prison of struggle. To bring understanding and compassion opens us to the freedom of connection and joy.

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Emotional Mind Hooks

                                                                                                       By Gary Bate

Let me start by making a bold statement here. It is the molecules of emotion bathing your body cells (via neuro-peptides, hormones and steroids in your blood stream) that are causing disease and ageing in your body. Unless this situation is addressed you will remain on a 'time line' towards the eventual death of your body.

These molecules of emotion are present in your body because of Psychological Stress (please see my article on this) and your own misconceived conclusions from past events. In other words, the events may have passed but you are still running them as emotions in your mind and body because you haven't OWNED them as wisdom...

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Enlighten Up   --    Humor

Brother Michael and Brother Charles

The Strangest Dream

A New Church Built

Who Said?


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Photos from National Wildlife's
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