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March 2006

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A request from a woman incarcerated in a Texas prison. If any of you readers feel the calling to write her or another prisoner, contact me.


Dear Suzanne:

I pray that as you read this letter it will let you know how thankful I am that you mailed me the book, Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy. That really helped me out, because to be real with myself, I have a very low self-esteem. I feel like I get to do things for other people to help them. I never really had any real true friends. If I donít have what they need or want they will not talk to me. But, Iím learning how to love myself for me. Please put me on a mailing list for books like the one you wrote or if you can send me whatever you feel that will help.

Please Suzanne, if you can find me a pen pal that can write and be a real friend who will help me grow and love myself more. I just need someone I can "talk" to and be open with. I need a friend that is real. Please. Thank you and may you get all your ask for and more.

Pray for me on my B-day 3-8-69.

Love your friend,







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