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Department of Peace

Dear Friends,

On Valentines day, Department of Peace activists from around the state of California organized simultaneous visits, at lunchtime, to all 10 state offices of Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, urging them to support legislation in the Senate to establish a U.S. Department of Peace (S. 1756).

Offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, San Bernardino and Los Angeles were visited. California resident Wendy Greene even visited the Senators offices in Washington D.C.! Each office received a giant heart-shaped valentine cookie along with material on the legislation and our campaign.

In addition to office visits, we also held a state-wide call-in day for CA citizens who could not make the in-person visits. Many called and urged their Senators to support the bill. The offices reported that they had received numerous calls. As our consituents walked into the offices, several noted that aides had our website up on their computers researching the legislation because of all the response they were getting.

The energy was certainly abuzz for the Department of Peace. The response from the office staff was very positive and we all had fun stopping by. These visits will surely stick out in their minds as more people in the future write, call call and visit the Senators in support of the legislation.

Many thanks to our State Coordinators, our Congressional District Team Leaders and everyone who stopped by and made calls. This will have a real impact. One more example of the tangible difference we are all making around the country as we continue to move forward with this campaign. We will make it happen!

With gratitude,

Matthew Albracht
Managing Director
The Peace Alliance
PO Box 3259 Center Line, Michigan 48015 USA

Tel (586) 754-8105 Fax (586) 754-8106 --



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