Ground Rules for Living

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1. Keep Your Word

When ever you don't keep your word, you lessen your experience of yourself and you put something into your environment that always comes back. It may be as serious as someone losing trust in you. There is always a consequence. When you are crisp with your integrity, life is crisp. Keep your word; it does matter.

2. Avoid Nothing

What you avoid in life is never the circumstances. It is an internal experience that gets reactivated by circumstances. By resisting and avoiding that experience, you create a nerve. The internal experience that you avoid then becomes stronger. As you allow yourself to experience it,
it goes away and the nerve disappears. When you avoid something, the nerve gets stronger and your environment becomes threatening. If there is something you are avoiding, handle it quickly and get it behind you.

3. Remove All Unworkability

Unworkability exists only because we tolerate it. If there is
unworkability in your life, handle it now. Do whatever it takes to remove it. You may have created such a mess that it will take a lot to handle it. Don't wait. Have everything in your life work. Don't tolerate

4. Keep Your Environment Clean and in Working Order

When your environment is sloppy and cluttered, so is your vision and clarity. A sloppy environment will hold you back. Clean your home, your work and your car. Fix or get rid of everything that doesn't work. Handle anything that you are in charge of, even if it seems insignificant. Get rid of what you don't use or don't need.

5. Be Positive. Do Not Speak or Think Negatively of Yourself, of Others, or of Life.

Every word you speak and every thought you accept creates your reality of life. You act consistently with it and it becomes true. You create your circumstances by the words you speak and the thoughts you accept. Don't speak or think negatively unless that's the way you want it to be.

6. Acknowledge that You Are 100% the Cause of Everything that Happens in Your Life.

The more you see yourself as the cause of what happens in your life, the more you can determine what happens. Others may also be responsible, but when you point the finger at them, you give away all your power. You become stuck and at their mercy. Pointing the finger at you allows you to take charge of your life.

7. Allow Everything. Let Go of All Unwillingness.

You are either allowing or resisting. When you allow and are willing for life to be as it is, you are in The Flow. You become clear and effective. When you resist and demand, you are in trouble. Both your aliveness and your effectiveness disappear. Give yourself permission for life to be as it is. Then go do what you need to do, coming from the perspective of allowing rather than resisting.

8. Let Go of All Your Attachments.

Anything you can't let go of hurts you. You can be attached to any thing: a person, a thing, a circumstance or a way of being. When you are threatened by the loss of what you are attached to, you go crazy. Attachments are like anchors. They keep you firmly in place. You can't move forward. You have to stay to hang on. Let go of all your attachments. Release whatever you're hanging onto and give it permission to go. If it stays, you really have it. If it doesn't, you didn't have it anyway. When there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to stop you.

9. Let Go of All Upsets.

An upset is a signal that there is something you are not allowing. Find out what it is and release it and the upset will disappear. Your aliveness will return. Life is always the way it is. Hanging onto upsets can only get in your way.

10. Release All Resentments

We resent so we can avoid something. When you avoid confronting your responsibility, you suffer. You die inside. To release a resentment, you need to forgive. Look for your responsibility and acknowledge it. Totally forgive others, yourself and life. You will never be free until all resentments are gone.

11. Have Every Relationship Work.

Whenever a relationship doesn't work, you pay a big price inside. The more important the relationship is, the bigger the price. To have a relationship work, forgive them for everything and give them full permission to be the way they are. Love them, empower them and take sole responsibility for the success of the relationship. Make sure every relationship you have, either past or present, is a full expression of love.

12. Clean Up Whatever You've Done that Is Against Your Integrity.

Clean up all the skeletons in your closet. Acknowledge all your misdeeds. Communicate everything so that you are hiding nothing. Set yourself free from the past. Be willing for anyone to know everything. The withholding destroys your aliveness and has you live your life in fear. It forces you
to hold back.

13. Participate Fully in Life. Don't Withdraw.

At any moment you are either participating in life or withdrawing. You are either at cause or at effect. When you withdraw, you stop creating and start reacting. Life then goes downhill fast. To have life work, you have to be in life. The cost of withdrawing can be severe suffering. Stay in charge of your life and live it fully.

14. Have Your Life about More Than You. Serve!

When you put the focus on you, problems and upsets grow. When you put the focus on serving others, who you are comes forth. Find something more important than you and throw yourself into it. Find your heart and live it. Have your life be about contributing and giving. Find how to serve.

Author unknown
Submitted by Pat Peterson





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