By Rob Cross                      

What a breakthrough for me! Finally, I no longer had to be upset because she’s different from me or because she couldn’t see life my way. Go get a good book on personality tests. Ya’ll both take it. Check out those scores, look at each other and yelp, “Holy cow! You’re not me”!

I now love CELEBRATING HER DIFFERENCES! It brings a new Deliciousness to love! It adds Red Pepper & Zing! Imagine having a stew made with just carrots. Hello! It would be a bland stew now wouldn't it? Your partner is not you. For a good reason! Let this simple truth crank your attitude from frustration to fascination as your resisting her/his differences gives way to literally enjoying and appreciating them!

MATER ACTION: Throw “WRONG” out the window of your home right now. Go on! Your need to be "right" is requiring that you make your partner wrong. We each just have a different opinion and we will never decide on who's scorekeeper anyway! Tell your partner what you LOVE about him/her. And anything that you resist about them, know that the work to be done is with your own resistance. Relax and laugh and celebrate the things you don't understand!

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