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September 2005

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Question: Hi Suzanne. How are you?  I'm still enjoying your newsletters and look forward to getting one each month.

Do you have any thoughts on babies and their spiritual/emotional/physical development and adjustment to the world from birth?

My younger daughter had her first baby (Sophia) just 3 months ago.  Right from the start Sophia has been a 'difficult' baby to settle and keep settled.  I have had 2 daughters of my own and one other granddaughter (now 5 yrs) none of which have been as 'sensitive' to life outside the womb'!

What's the you have any ideas??  Even when I first held Sophia at a couple of hours old she was unsettled...and she actually looked like she was frowning (and still does often).  Physically she is thriving (on breast milk) and she sleeps straight through all night and has done for a while but during the day can be so very demanding of attention although she has a devoted stay-at-home Mum and loving Dad. 

Just wondering what you think of this.  Is it more of a struggle for some little babies to 'adjust'?  Do you think it indicates anything about how they will respond in the future?  Does Sophia have any special needs that we should be attentive to? 

Do babies come with their own special agendas right from the start?  Even though Colette is generally a fairly laid back person and this baby was welcomed into the world from conception by one and all, her 'behavior' is often a 'challenge'.

Much love, Faith


Answer: Hi Faith:

 Just the fact you asked so many good questions shows you are on track, your intuition is right on. We do have different needs and agendas. What a lucky soul to be born into your family so that time will be spent to crack the codes of how to help her grow day by day. My first born was difficult, or at least for me, and she is a delightful adult! One day at a time.

Love Suzanne


Response:  Dearest Suzanne

Reading your response to my concerns brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you, as always, for your loving encouragement.  I know Colette will be encouraged too, as she is alert to the fact that everyday life dramas have spiritual significance.

 Love, Faith






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