The Acorn Analogy Helps Build Self-Esteem

By Suzanne E. Harrill

 One important concept, that helps you have a healthy sense of self-acceptance and self-esteem, is the knowledge that you are perfect, right now, just the way you are. This is true regardless of your problems, early childhood issues, body, I.Q., mistakes, etc. Consider a new definition of perfection which includes all of your imperfections. This is an important seed thought to hold in your mind as you go forward in life growing into your full potential Self. Accepting the truth of your beauty and perfection is best illustrated by looking at an acorn. In a minute I will share with you how the sprouted acorn became my business symbol and logo. First, let me explain more about the perfection of the acorn which makes it a little easier to apply this concept of your beauty and perfection to yourself.

 The acorn inside its hard shell holds the seed with the potential to grow into a full oak tree. When the conditions are right, it breaks free and begins its life journey. We would not look at one acorn and say it is a good acorn and look at another and say it is a bad one. They are all good and perfect being acorns, as the seed grows it is a perfect expression of its self at every phase of its life.  It is no less worthy as a seed with all its potential hidden from view than as a giant tree in full stature.  All along the acorn's life path, as a seedling, a small tree, a big tree, and a giant tree, it is perfect; it is being who and what it is capable of being at every moment.  Even though it is capable of growing more at each stage of its life, the acorn is still a beautiful expression of its Self at every stage.  And you, like the acorn, are a beautiful expression of your Self at every stage of your life journey.

 Most of us do not accept this idea very readily. We judge ourselves harshly for certain choices we have made, feeling shame that we have made mistakes, which to us proves we are not perfect. The irony is you are perfectly being you, learning and evolving with each and every choice you make, mistakes and unwise choices included. Your perfection includes your imperfections.

 To truly feel good about yourself, now, today, it is important to allow the truth of your present perfection to sink into and become a part of your belief system. As you release false truths about yourself, you will allow the full expression of your Self to be felt and experienced. Ponder and mediate on this idea for a while if you have some difficulty accepting it, so you can relearn what you once knew innately. Your beauty and perfection is waiting for you to acknowledge it and integrate it into your belief system.

 Now for how the acorn became my symbol. Many years ago I was hired to give two teacher in-service training sessions. My youngest daughter was in preschool at this time, and before I picked her up, I liked to meditate for a few minutes. One particular day I had a very clear vision of myself handing out acorns to the teachers and explaining exactly what I just shared with you above. My daughter and I went to the park and began gathering acorns. During the first teacher training session I felt too uncomfortable handing out the acorns and giving the analogy.

Well, wouldn’t you know, I had the exact same meditation right before the second training. I smiled and said to my spiritually guided meditation, “Thank you, I get the message.” For many years after that day I handed out acorns and started my self-esteem workshops and talks with the acorn analogy. It became a part of me. When I needed a business logo, my artist friend Susan created the perfect logo for me, an acorn with three leaves sprouting out of the top. The following is a short version of the acorn analogy.


The Acorn Analogy

Deep inside you know how to be you, as
an acorn knows how to be a mighty oak.

The acorn does the best it can do
at each stage of growth along its life path.

Even if the early start was less than perfect,
the eager oak accelerates its desire to grow
every time that it has nurturing from nature:
sunlight, rainwater, and soil nutrients.

YOU are like the acorn doing your best under
the conditions in which you are growing.

Nurture yourself with awareness, acceptance, love,
self-respect, and self-esteem, then watch
you grow towards your full-potential Self!






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