Your Naked Self

By Rob Cross                      

Get Naked! That's what they wanna see anyway, so show 'em!

Now read a bit more before you go do something we'll both regret.

You know what we love most in folks? Their humanness. Their REAL side. Their down-home barefoot lovable selves. We're doing this love thing backwards I'm telling ya! My efforts to show only my "polished" side while hiding the side that's real, always brings me the opposite of what I'm trying to get. What is it that we all want? LOVE! Intimacy! Respect! Admit it. It's OK. A ton of you are so convinced you'll never have love, that you've sworn off even wanting it! Holy cow! Love and life are calling you my friend, waiting for you to come play! But you gotta show up...all of you.

INTO ME SEE. That's what brings about Intimacy. Letting you see into me. The real me. Not the other me that I put in front of you when I want you to like me. EMOTIONAL NUDITY.

"But I could never show him that side of me! He might leave!"

Umm. And your concern is...what?

I once felt that I couldn’t “be myself” with her. The naked truth is, that had nothing to do with her. That had everything to do with my choice to not be honest (to not show up as me).

"But I simply can't be completely myself. There are times to not tell the truth!"

My friend, let's think rationally for a brief moment (then we can go right back to insanity I promise). The truth Always, always rises like cream to the top of the kettle. They will know who you are. Holding back who you are now not only perpetuates the lie but also sets your tomorrow up for a rude awakening. And in the meantime bitterness and crust form because you just can't ever be yourself!

The Truth ALWAYS sets you free. And the ultimate expression of the truth is when you LIVE OUT WHO YOU ARE. Conversely, the ultimate lie is your hiding out and holding back the real you.

We are naturally drawn to real, genuine, openness. We are however repelled by superficial, disingenuous and closed.

Yet we spend enormous time and energy trying to hide that real side of ourselves from others in hopes that they'll like us!

Fall in love with yourself friend! Recognize every cotton pickin' corner and crevice of who you are as a God-made beauty. Stand up! Show it! Be OK with who you are. And in doing so you'll notice others attracted to you like white on rice as you experience love and intimacy on a whole new level.

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