It Doesn’t Take a Genius to See

R.Harrill     5.24.05              

Creative genius most often grows
While squishing mud between your toes
Or dreaming up worlds of pretend
Or letting boredom be your friend
By watching clouds float through the sky
While half the day passes you by

By writing rhymes that make no sense
Or learning how to scale a fence
By finger painting on the wall
Or cutting up an old golf ball
For genius does not grow best
In schools with standardized type tests

In soccer clubs run by adults
In life too focused on results
Einstein, Newton, Curie, Poe
Were given space in which to grow
While all these smarts we try to force
Wall off our own creative source




Amusing Road Signs

Just in case Batman forgets?


Hmmm... decisions, decisions!


Then, how should I get in??? Maybe the exit?

Hope the emergency's not too urgent!


Sounds tasty doesn't it?




Geez, not even an emergency phone?


NO! The other right!


Oops, not secret anymore!!


A fine example of rocket science





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