Wind and Elder Pine

By: Sadie Mae Too                   

I sit and listen as Wind speaks to me
Through Elder Pine's upward
Reaching branches.

What wisdom Wind and Elder Pine hold.

"Slow down, Sadie Mae!" they whisper.

"Go within, within, within……
Find that one spot in you which holds
Compassion and forgiveness for all."

I listen to Wind and
I listen to Elder Pine
While digging deep inside my very
Essence, trying to just Let go…..
Let go……..
Let go…..
Of past hurts and past resentments.

Unexpectedly, air seems to be forcing
Its way into my nostrils, as if my
Lungs can't expand fast enough to fill……
And, I exhale….

Seemingly harmonizing with Wind's song,
All past hurt and
All past resentment rush
out of me

My breath and Wind,
Rushing through
Elder Pine's branches,
Creating one giant sigh
Of Peace found within.

I am a Massage Therapist, an Energy Medicine Woman trained in Reiki and a Rapid Eye Technology practitioner, My practice, Full Circle Outreach, is located in Hobbs, New Mexico and serves all of Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. :-)

Neena Wagnon





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