Loving Life is Loving God!

by Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div.

Even a flea loves life and wants it to continue. Existence is precious to everything that breathes. Being aware that you exist is what separates you from all but the higher level primates like chimpanzees and gorillas. Being aware of your existence means you realize you have choices in your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors—in short—in the nature of your true character.

Rather than reacting to every passing impulse as if it were an emergency, take a breath and come back inside to your true “knowing,” which alerts you to the presence of your own full consciousness available to you in this moment.

You get into pain, sorrow, loss, lack and shame when you dwell on the past. And you dwell on the past because you’re accustomed to dwelling on the past.

Assume you have amnesia and have no idea about your past. How would you live today? What new ideas would you act on because you don’t remember past failures? What meaningful ways of loving would feed your heart because you didn’t remember you’re not to love certain people?

Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers

If you had amnesia you wouldn’t remember that yesterday you had certain aches and pains and diseases. Your mind would have no old memories with which to berate you; you’d be free. Would you stay free? Not very long unless you make daily spiritual practices your highest priority.

Our memories allow us to learn from our past, to take responsibility for our ability to grow out of old hurts and old habits rather than to keep them as yokes around our necks. Do we really think that God wants us to constantly remember our pain? Doesn’t that pain in our hearts become pain in God’s Heart?

In energy healing, the energy flow down through the seven chakras, or energy centers, picks up the “stored information” in our mind and emotions from our past, connects it with the “stored information” as projections and assumptions about our future, and then dumps that jumble of impressions into present time as the “truth.” We use this “mix” of impressions to navigate through the day, but make no room for what is really the truth of our experience moment-by-moment. It’s as if we only want memories and projections, because we can think about them, control them after the fact, and ruminate about our choices for the future.

We’re afraid of what comes at us each day because it’s fresh and new and we’re asked to respond from within ourselves with a perspective that is broader than our personal view of the right and wrong of things according to our limited personality. We can use the full range of our consciousness to respond in original, creative, fun, reflective, contemplative, and unlimited ways. Today we can become aware of the fullness of our original self.

How blessed you are when you experience the joy of acting from your deep heart, to be grateful for being able to get out of bed in the morning; or if you can’t get out of bed, to be able to look at the birds out the window; or if you can’t look out or have no window, you can open the shutters in your heart and experience the movement of love to you and through you no matter what your mistakes, problems or diseases are, or have been. God knows who you are and loves the life force that keeps you alive. God is that life force; God is Life.

To turn our backs on life is to turn our backs on God. It’s hard to love what you can’t absolutely control. It makes us afraid that we’ll fail, look stupid and not measure up to our personality’s rigid expectations. We close down our higher awareness when we forget that our present time is made up exclusively of what we feed into it.

Life in all of its expressions will always be the same. It is the perfect experience for us to choose our direction from within rather than to be seduced to only accommodate to the undesirable circumstances in which we may find ourselves. Since that is true, are you always going to spend your time trying to change that which is around you, or to put your attention on growing that which is within you? Your “knowing” in your deep heart loves the good and bad and makes absolutely no distinction because it’s all part of the minutia that flows through the giant waves of eternal creation. What is bad today may be good tomorrow. Why worry?

As we grow in awareness we formulate a different set of ideals to live by. We can, for example, care for someone or something even when love isn’t returned. We become aware that there is a genuine potent current of power that flows through us and others when we Love and are intent upon learning how to manifest that love more directly. We choose to express our spirit through our character which models mentoring for others.

Here are ten important ways to open to your deep heart’s inner knowing to loving life knowing it is of Divine creation. Practice even one of these diligently and your future enlightenment is assured. Moreover, you’ll be happier, healthier and more content with how you see the world than ever before, because the world you’ll see is the eternal one.

1)   Resist the need to always be right.
2)   Practice telling the truth and being honest with yourself and others.
3)   Be ready and willing to learn from everyone.
4)   Give up the drama of your past and let today be the first day of the rest of your life.
5)   Connect yourself to success and those who are truly successful.
6)   Realize that your perspective is what creates pain, not the event or circumstances.
7)   Forgive from your deep heart because you can.
8)   Accept happiness. Say right now, “I have everything I need to be happy.”
9)   Put your very best effort into everything, and let go of everything after that.
10) Understand that your position on anything is arbitrary.

There is no parallel between you and anybody else in this world. You don’t start on the same place on the track of life as anyone else, because your karma is entirely different: your skills, gifts, what you came into this life to develop. That means you are one-of-a-kind. There will never be another you. Your life is unique and precious, so instead of saying, “Why don’t I have what they have?” try saying, “Why don’t they have what I have?” What is it that you have that is precious? Everything that’s really meaningful and significant in human life is nonlinear, invisible, and non-measurable. That means what flows to you and me and what we make of it allows us be in love with God as we live each day.


About Meredith Young-Sowers

An internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, counselor and author, Meredith has published six books, two of which have become best-selling classics. Meredith lectures, leads workshops and offers teleclasses all over the world, bringing her special gracious blend of warmth, wisdom, intimacy, insight and encouragement to her students. In her teachings and writings, she draws on the spiritual lessons found in the ordinary experiences of daily life and shares her ability to see the miraculous in the mundane. Students and participants in her classes, workshops and retreats say she empowers them to overcome the difficult challenges in their lives.

Founder and director of the Stillpoint Institute and School of Advanced Energy Healing, and co-founder of Stillpoint Publishing with Caroline Myss, Meredith is considered a pioneer in the development of energy diagnosis methods. Her work, a new path to healing that brings greater love, joy, and comfort to people's lives, is considered a significant breakthrough in the field of energy medicine.
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