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March 2005

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Question: My older sister has a drinking problem and I want so much for her to go to a treatment center. It has gotten so bad that she forged a prescription and got caught. She goes to court next week. Still my sister is denying there is a major problem, will not talk about it, and pulls away from me if I bring anything up. I want to help her but do not know what to do. I was wondering if you could do a prayer treatment or whatever it's called for my sister.  I pray every morning and evening that she will be kept safe until she gets the help she needs. I will now be praying that she gets help from the courts by way of mandatory inpatient treatment. I am really scared that I am going to lose my “big” sister.   Martha

Answer: Your sister is very lucky to have your love and concern. The prayer that I use is Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment started by Earnest Holmes. You may receive some spiritual nourishment from his book, The Science of Mind, A philosophy, A Faith, A way of Life, with an introduction by Jean Houston, Ph.D.

When another is not open to our help, working on the spiritual level is one thing we can do to make a difference. Let me explain more about this method of prayer and then I will write one as an example to help you create your own prayer for your sister. I would like to mention that in a Treatment we, first and foremost, are treating ourselves, even when praying for another.

If another person, not your sister at this time, knows you are praying for her/him begin by asking exactly what the condition or problem is and ask her/him to express the results desired.

If another does not know or is not asking us to pray for them, we have to be careful not to misuse our power to determine the best results for them. What we want may not be in their best interest. Not only do we not have the right to interfere with another person's free-will choice, we do not know what is best for them. We cannot know the soul's lessons or purpose of another, only for ourselves. So, when we want something so much for another and think we know what is in their best interest, we need to stop and remember to treat/pray for our self also, to move out of the little, ego self and get back to our spiritual or Christ Consciousness Self. As we continue to heal our own fears and move to this high place, we treat another by seeing their wholeness. By focusing on our self, we get better and better at listening to our inner wisdom to act with right action when praying for another. When we are in our own wholeness, we are truly of benefit to the other.

To explain further, there are five parts to a Spiritual Mind Treatment:

1. Recognition, where I acknowledge the Omnipresence, Oneness, Allness or Wholeness of God (substitute Universe, All That Is, Energy, The Source if you choose).

2. Unification, where I am one with God.

3. Realization, where I express the good I accept for myself and the other person. (This is where the affirmations come in, results stated in present tense).

4. Thanksgiving, where I express gratitude for the Truth of my being and the good expressing in my life.

5. Release, where I let go and let God. As I have spoken the Truth, I believe and accept my good is manifesting.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for Cindy:

God is everywhere present. I am a part of God. I affirm Cindy's wholeness as a spiritual being. The God within Cindy is guiding her to make wise choices to support her awakening. Cindy opens and accepts the love and support of her family. Thank you Spirit for Cindy’s good manifesting in her life. I let go and let God manifest Cindy’s good.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for Martha:

God is all there is. I am a channel for God's wholeness and love. I am peaceful, grounded in unconditional love and acceptance, and have courage to simply be. I easily and effortlessly connect with the perfection and beauty of my life and all others. I accept the wisdom gained from all the experiences life brings me through my sister. I act according to the Christ Consciousness expressing through me when interacting with Cindy. I am a channel for love to uplift all others. Thank you God for the good flowing into my life right now. I let go and let good come into manifestation. And so it is.





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