My Angels Said Hello

by Vicky Jeter           

I have long believed in angels--
that among us they freely come and go.
But I had never invited them into my day,
nor taken time to say, "Hello."

There came a gentle shift in Time,
like little birds whispering in ears;
over a period of about six months
I found images of angels everywhere.

Then on my 32nd birthday
my angels comissioned a line to talk
through the gift of a precious friend--
a telling book, "Where Angels Walk."

The book is all of testimony
from people just like you and I.
One was surely saved from drowning;
another swears he saw his angels fly!

Now I was smack-dab within this reading
on a Tuesday afternoon
when amidst running an errand
I discovered my wallet was gone.

At first flirting with sheer panic,
the readings reminded me to pray.
My mind was so awhirl
I bothered not with what to say;

Yet sensing I could have someone's ear:

"Somebody please protect my wallet.
Somebody please protect my wallet."

Too prudent to abandon the practical,
I flew through my apartment gate
to get to a phone and cancel my cards,
I could not afford to hesitate.

Leaving my apartment door wide open
I took one quick look around.
Finally feeling certain
my wallet was nowhere to be found

Sinking down on my couch
to pick up the phone
suddenly two strange voices I heard--

Could this be it? I stopped myself;
my heart leapt without saying a word!

And the man walked right through my door--
this man had never seen before
approached as if a lifelong friend
to place my wallet right in my hand!

"My God, kind sir, you cannot believe
the miracle you've just been a part!"

"Oh, but I can ma'm," said he with a smile.
I have no doubt it was divine direction
that lead me to find this on the highway--
you have some powerful protection . . .

for not only to find it, but then to find you!
This is surely a feat only heavan could do.

This story is true in it's entirety. The timing of the moment he handed me my wallet could not have been more precise. He was a man on his way to work traveling down a highway near my house at 50 mph, when he caught sight of something in his rear view mirror. He was moved to pick it up and take time to find my house rather any one of countless other options he might have chosen to let me know he had it. And, yes, since that day I talk to my angels as my best friends. I am convinced with deep conviction that we tangibly experience their presence in our lives equally to the extent that we actively open the door.





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