By Sandra Zimmer

One beautiful California day in 1982, I was lying on the floor in meditation during a time of struggle with finances and how to "make money." I heard an inner voice say very clearly to me, "All you have to do is receive." I was startled by the clear sound of this message. My eyes flew open and I sat upright. The energy of that voice resonated all through my body. It had a ring of truth that was palpable. I somehow knew it to be true. The only problem was that I had no idea how to receive.

Twenty-two years later I believe I am on the verge of learning how to receive. The echo of that voice continues to call to me and I am drawn to explore the experience of receiving. I am intrigued by the concept of receiving anything - receiving love, people, money, support. This little article is my first attempt to articulate and share my awareness about receiving.

My family patterns are to work hard, effort and struggle to get what I want. I have built a business on hard work. Yet, the best things that have ever come to me have come without effort, in fact, without work at all. When I am deeply relaxed in my body and open to spirit, good things just show up. I now realize that I have blocked so much from coming to me by being tense, fearful and worried that good things would not happen. My family patterns of working hard have stopped me from great success.

To receive takes trust that life is set up to support you. It is a kind of surrender to life and love. Until you trust life (God), you can't receive easily.

Here are a few ideas that may help you open up your receiving.

1. Get grounded. Everyday, get your physical body into the state of deep relaxation so you are available to receive.

2. During your relaxation time, connect with infinite possibilities until you experience a gush of creative energy. During this gush, you are attracting what you desire.

3. Practice taking in spiritual energy. Imagine your body is a receptacle for God-force or Love. Allow God or Love to fill up your body.

4. Imagine feeling like a little child who has no cares or worries. Trust life to take care of you.

5. Take in love energy from other people. Receive other human beings. Integrate the idea that all receiving comes through other people.

6. If you desire something, for instance a new job, do not say you want a new job. "Want" means lack. So if you say you want a thing, you are saying you lack it. Instead say you would love to have a new job. Your love of that thing will draw it to you.

7. Destroy, un-create and release any thoughts that you can't have it, do it, be it. Any thought that you become aware of that prevents trust and receiving, just say, "I destroy, un-create and release the thought that ____."

8. Practice gratitude. Everyday, say thank you for everything you are and have.

9. Be aware that if you open to receive, you must be willing to receive everything. That means that you may well draw some yucky stuff to you in the process. When that happens, let it flow through you and keep receiving until you are receiving the good stuff again.


Once you start a receiving process, you will notice that things start coming to you "out of the blue". They will come through other people. This week I received referrals from two different people that I have not even talked to for over ten years. I did not do any work to receive these new clients. They came effortlessly and easily.

The reason it is so hard for some people to receive is that it is too easy. If you are programmed to work hard, then nothing can come easily through your own efforts. So, the solution is to give up your own efforts and just receive. The hardest thing to do is let it be easy! Then when it is easy, it will be easy.

I hope my musings have helped.

Sandra Zimmer
The Self-Expression Center
11221 Richmond Avenue, Suite C-104
Houston, TX 77082 281-293-7070

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