by Meredith Young-Sowers    

Joy is closely aligned with freedom because the joyful human being experiences life's fullness and nurturing even through disappointment, anger, anxiety, or loss. Joy is an internal state of being, one that emerges from a profound belief in the sacredness of life. If you are moving into joy, it is because you have accepted that you can risk. Whether or not you succeed in the terms you imagine, you have succeeded in the eyes of the Universe. When you risk saying, doing, or expressing your own essence, you become renewed even when you are initially uncomfortable or afraid of being vulnerable or feeling exposed. You are moving into self-love and confidence.

Joy is the natural state of the spiritually-ordered person. Joy is the inner understanding that all things are held in the loving embrace of God and the angels and that a meaningful explanation and/or learning will emerge that will ultimately benefit us all.

Joy comes from all of the company of heaven who sing your praises when you rise to an important occasion and invest in others emotionally because you believe in yourself. You are mortal for only a moment in time, and each of these moments, though brief, has a purpose: to deepen your acceptance of life beyond physical life.

Here is a prayer from a human heart; perhaps you will recognize your own feelings in it: "Dear Heavenly Teachers, allow me to believe in the rightness and goodness of life even when I see too much of the opposite. Permit me to bring love into the world even when my first response is to doubt love. Accept my life as a means of service to the Universe so that joy may abound on Earth and within each living thing."

Life can offer you no inner peace until you determine to accept it for yourself. Tomorrow will be no different from today. In this moment lies the opportunity to peel off the layers that burden you and accept your natural state of joy. Write the word "JOY" on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket or purse. Carry it with you as a reminder of what you are choosing. Rather than remaining hostage to life's changes, expect understanding and continued joy to flow to you - and it will.

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About Meredith Young-Sowers:

An internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, counselor and author, Meredith has published six books, two of which have become best-selling classics. Meredith lectures, leads workshops and offers teleclasses all over the world, bringing her special gracious blend of warmth, wisdom, intimacy, insight and encouragement to her students. In her teachings and writings, she draws on the spiritual lessons found in the ordinary experiences of daily life and shares her ability to see the miraculous in the mundane. Students and participants in her classes, workshops and retreats say she empowers them to overcome the difficult challenges in their lives.

Considered a pioneer in the development of energy diagnosis methods, Meredith is the Executive Director and co-Founder of Stillpoint Foundation. The Foundation seeks to help all of us connect to God as Love in our hearts so that we may create harmony in our bodies and lives, in our families and communities, and in our world.

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