Life from Two Perspectives: FEAR AND LOVE

by John Price

First, let's take the "average person," whether or not he/she is on the spiritual path. If they are—and "spiritual" here meaning just the reading of self-help books—it may be nothing more than a fix-it journey with fear as the dominant emotion. For the others who are resigned to life as only an interval between birth and death, days of apprehension are simply the norm.

The individuals-on or off the path-may not call it fear, but would agree that worry and concern pop up on a frequent basis. They seem to be living in an arena of subtle or pronounced conflict, depending on the rise and fall of the emotions on any given day.

I pulled out the first fifty e-mails on my desk, those received since January 1. Trapped is the word I'd use to describe the people who wrote about 75 percent of them (most were not from Quartus members). The men and women seemed unable to break out of the boxes of insufficiency, unsatisfactory work, physical problems, conflict with husbands-wives-mothers-fathers-brothers-sisters-children, and lost love-mates.

There was also antagonism toward God (prayer seldom works), organized religion (a warping experience that left deep wounds), and society in general (no love out there).

Without passing judgment—we've all walked through excrement of one form or another—it appeared that ego was in a governing position in consciousness. And that's when the "droppings" start. Ego here refers to an identity as a body, which results in a physical-material domination over the personality. It insists that we place our investment in the effects of the external world for our joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Our goal is not to eliminate the ego, our sense of self, but rather to rise above it into the vibration of the Spiritual Ego. We don't lose our personal identity in the process; we simply move into a higher frequency in consciousness.

If we are ego-centered, we've forgotten that everything in the outer world is a creation of mind. We make up our personal worlds with our thoughts and feelings-creating a world of concern, or a world of peace. There are no exceptions to this principle. Cause is in the mind; effects are in the world. What part does God play? God's role is not to solve our problems in the world of effects. Spirit doesn't fix a bank account, a body, or a relationship. It simply doesn't operate on that level, and that's why traditional prayer for something "out there" seldom works. It only brings more of the same of what we're trying to get away from. Remember the old computer axiom: "Garbage in, garbage out."

What Spirit does do when we turn within to the Source of all blessings is solve the problem on the inner plane of consciousness—a healing of mind and emotions—where the problem originated. We are shown where the guilt is, that others are never responsible for what happens in our world, and helps us enter into the serious business of forgiveness. And through this healing of the misqualified energy we are holding in consciousness, the flow of God's love interprets itself as the fulfillment of our highest aspiration.

Let's remember that all is love. Love is light, love is energy, love is substance, love is the creative power behind all good, true, and beautiful manifestations. Love is the single force of universal Cause and its permanent home is within each one of us. As we become a channel for the expression of God's love, there is nothing it cannot do.

When we look at life from within instead of without, we're taking the first step in transcending the ego. The next step is understanding what part we (thinking mind and feeling heart) and God (the Presence within as our true Identity) play in the cosmic scheme of things. We are creating at every moment in time and space through our thoughts, words, and actions. If we are centered in our emotions, the creative energy flowing through us produces problems and conflicts. If we're living in the higher heart-mind center, our world reflects peace and joy as the natural order of life.

The flow, the radiation, from within is continually taking place, either through shades of fear or love. We have a choice as to what pattern we are holding up to the light.


The blazing star we call the sun, and the Sun at the center of our being, operate on similar principles. The sun in the sky, as an atomic furnace, does not get involved in solving the problems of a dark, cold, dead world, which the earth would be without the sun. Rather, it radiates its energy through the atmosphere to provide all that is needed to sustain life on earth with light, heat, rain, and food.

The Central Sun within, our Spirit, doesn't become involved in the world of effects either. Rather, It radiates the energy of love-substance-supply through the consciousness of the individual to appear as the attracting/manifesting principle in the physical world—according to the beliefs and aspirations of that individual.

If mind is concentrated on turning a disappointment into fulfillment in the outer world—whether the loss is financial, job related, a relationship, or a physical problem—the energy will flow through a sense of need to produce even greater needs.

However, when we move up in consciousness through dedication to the spiritual way of life—and our dependence is on the Presence within—we are gently reminded that we do not have any needs, that every problem has already been solved. Through contemplative, listening meditation we receive assurance that this is so, that everything has already been worked out, provided for, solved on the inner plane, and that our function now is to accept this truth and let the love of God pour through us to appear as complete fulfillment.

The impersonal law has now become the activity of love, and our minds translate that love into form and experience. That's when we have a whole new perspective on what life is truly all about.

What about healing others? It doesn't make any difference what the problem is—physical body, finances, relationships. In fact, in our Circle of Friends Meditation Group we never focus on the external conflict. We keep our minds on the Truth of the individual, which moves our unified field of consciousness to a higher vibration to allow the flow of God's love-inaction to heal the error thought of the individual. Then, if the person is open and receptive, the healing in the material world takes place. It's all an activity of consciousness to consciousness, a releasing of the Divine Influence to do Its perfect work.

A Meditation

I am consciously one with Infinite Mind, the Sun of my being.

Pause in the silence and be aware of this Oneness.

My Spirit knows all, sees my every need, and with endless love has already fulfilled that need.

Pause in the silence and feel the confirmation.

In truth, there is nothing to ask for. I simply have to keep my awareness on Omniscience and Its shining activity. This activity is Omnipotent, the one power, pouring forth from me as a mighty fountain to reveal and express a full, complete, and joyous life.

Pause in the silence and feel these divine currents of expression taking place in and through you.

I am now aware of the activity of Grace. I understand. I see. I know.

Rest in the knowing silence. See only peace and fulfillment.


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