Awakening To Love And A Sacred Life

by Ani Christi

"It is a privilege to write praise for Ani Christi's transcendent, soulful book! Witnessing her profound transformation over more than thirty years continues to bring great joy. Ani has triumphed over tragedy and is a bright light in the world today. Rarely, do former clients become good friends, much less ‘soul family.' I am grateful to have shared this path."  

Suzanne E. Harrill, author of The Harrill Solution, and Enlightening Cinderella

From Ani's Introduction...

This book tells the story how I discovered the beauty within my soul and came into harmony with life itself. A spiritual memoir of sorts, it is also filled with gratitude for the many teachers and loved ones who have graced my path. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I have been graced by many beautiful people -- each perfectly embodying the next step on my path. In the process, I have found and fallen in love many times. Most recently with my Self, both the beloved within me, and the innocent young girl of my childhood who flew to great heights before falling from grace. Before that, I fell deeply in love with my soulmate and partner, Jerry, my husband of 34 years. All are vital parts of my story and are honored here. 

Writing this book has been both a challenge and a blessing -- a powerful opportunity to release the shame and sorrow of a lifetime, as well as a soulful completion of my life's journey to this point. As this book goes to print, I am especially grateful for the deep peace I feel. The book's title -- Awakening to Love and a Sacred Life -- revealed itself magically during an unexpected epiphany last year. In late February 2020, I held a Gene Keys workshop in our home to celebrate my birthday. It was an intimate event with a small circle of friends. Feeling naturally high after our celebration ended, and without warning, a dam broke loose in my heart. Alone afterwards, I began to sob uncontrollably. Chest heaving with tears streaming down my face, I crawled into bed with my husband who knew exactly what to do. Instinctively, he wrapped me in his strong arms and held me in compassionate silence for more than an hour. As wave after wave of constricted energy was released, grace entered to fill the void. My heart has expanded since into a deep reservoir of love. There is no more sorrow.

I divide my story into two distinct parts -- ages 1-33 (my highly-extroverted "glory days" as an over-achieving student and highly successful young lawyer), and the 34 years of "inner work" thereafter -- from addiction recovery to spiritual self-mastery, following what I now describe as a tragic fall into grace. This last part was very painful, and I often skip over it. However, I feel the need to recount it here as it helps me demonstrate at least three things: (1) love heals all wounds; (2) everyone and everything is our teacher; and (3) there is beauty in it all.  

If this book inspires you to seek a better life, I believe you, too, will know that anything is possible. Healing deep wounds is never easy, of course. But if we can face our adversities with grit and grace, seeking always to find the deeper meaning, we learn to transcend victim states and take responsibility for our happiness. Simply put, we learn to change. In Chinese, the word "crisis" is defined as "opportunity", and our attitude is the key. Every setback is an opportunity to view the world through a new lens. To see ourselves and our lives differently. To change self-defeating emotional patterns -- and to grow. To grow in love, in wisdom, in strength and in compassion -- for ourselves and for each other. 

In this book you will find some of the models of transforming personal consciousness I have used, sprinkled with personal stories and psycho-spiritual practices I have learned and taught along the way. The goal is no longer being successful and happy "out there" (as I was taught). Rather, it is finding deep fulfillment and peace within my Being. Today I share my story from a reservoir of light where unhealed wounds (darkness) once resided with deep gratitude to many of my metaphysical teachers, especially Suzanne Harrill, who was the first! 






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