Sweetness of Life

By Nancy Moonstarr

I love to ride my bike. My favorite destination is the water's edge in my community, where I like to sit and stare at the water, sky, and earth as they meet. Not only does this relax me, it is my best form of meditation. Recently I pondered, "What brings sweetness to my life?" The answer I received was, "Love."

The message was more than about my inner worth or my relationships, which I observe most of us value and want this kind of love in our lives. It was about putting my heart and soul into the endeavors I undertake or experiences that "happen" to come my way. It involves passion and a desire to move in a certain direction where I want to spend my time. Whether we use love to refer to romantic love, or any other form of Love, "It feels sweet and calming, just right for me in the moment."

Next, I questioned, "How do I create more love and passion in my life for all I do?"  This theme followed me for some time. Here are some of the ideas that flowed for my unfolding. Allow my meditations to stimulate and motivate you on your journey to enjoy your life.

Whenever we "take on" something, a project, a job, organizing a closet, we feel some stirring in us. We may not recognize it as love, yet, the inner stirring to move in this direction is what I am calling sweetness of life; it is an exciting feeling of ok-ness and satisfaction. When we allow awareness of this level of tuning in to ourselves, we move beyond challenges in our lives, with finances, health, relationships, or jobs. These responsibilities somehow move to a less urgent place.  We feel ‘in the flow.' 

Possibilities open up and inner healing is available when we are in the flow of the sweetness of life. In an instant, life's past can be transformed.  One way I have learned to move away from allowing negativity from my past to contaminate the present is to recall moments where I felt loved, and to really feel this sweetness deeply. Being in love with anything, such as, Nature, an animal, a baby, a romantic partner, or even a warm bath, can begin this process.

What can I do when stuck and need a nudge? If too far down the rabbit hole to get back on track, I need to lean on another. You might create a list of several people, as I have, who care about you, whom you will call or email when you need help beyond helping yourself. Even making this list can potentially give a boost because we forget sometimes that we carry love with us from these friendships and close relationships. I am a fan of therapy, joining a group, taking a class, and on-line help as well.

Here is a process I use often, usually down by the water to refresh myself:

1.  Breathe deeply and soften or close your eyes.

2.  Notice thoughts going on in your mind without judgments.

3.  Let the thoughts come and go; do not pay attention to them as you relax and clear your mind.

4.  Chose an intention for the day.

5.  Image already experiencing this intention; feel it strongly.

6.  Allow resistance or maybe you can only hold the intention briefly.

7.  Keep breathing deeply as you open your eyes.

8.  Smile to yourself.

Sometimes, I take my journal along and can write about the experience. Writing intensifies the inner experiences and helps you feel it. Every time you feel the sweetness of the intention and feeling as if it is already true, you deliver a positive message through your neurons to your brain. Each intention sets you in motion to move forward to manifest it.

May you enjoy more of the sweetness of life with me.

Nancy Moonstarr, PhD, is a psychologist in private practice in Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland.  She specializes in helping others help themselves to find perfect health and create a life worth living.  Her practice reflects working with a wide range of individuals, couples, and groups, which include every variety of age, gender, and life preferences.  Nancy shares with her clients from her education and life experiences, the many techniques and ideas that will further better a person.  For more information, contact Nancy through her website





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