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What Is

By Vicki Abel

What is dying but a letting go…

…of possessions that clutter our lives

…of beliefs that box us in

…of opinions that polarize

…of judgments that create separation

…of choices that ignore our knowing

…of intellect that suppresses wonder

…of wisdom that crowds out innocence

…of dis-ease that denies our wholeness

…of desires that echo from an emptiness of spirit, falsely

…of playing small when we are overflowing with pure, limitless potential

…of hoarding our gifts when offering them freely expands each exponentially

…of fear, in all its illusory manifestations

If our choices in living block the flow of energy that is life-renewing, we are dying by default.  Only when we die to limitation can we truly live, boundless and soaring in the great Mystery, the void of creation.

What if, in this long, slow process of dying, I decide to live?


Another Day

by Randy Harrill                 

Living seven lives at once, and not really finding comfort in any of them, is just another day
Come closer and look into my eyes, and whatever you see, don?t blink or look away

You will see the fire of hope in them, like the first time I talked to God and really believed that through the force of my will, I could change the world

You will see the sadness of uncertainty, like when my best friend died, and I knew not how to save him, nor how to grieve the loss.

You will see the passion of escaping lava, freed after millions of years of pressing against the earth. Like the time I climbed the Eiffel tower at Kings Dominion with a beautiful stranger, and she and I exchanged passionate kisses in the naked breeze of the observation deck.

You will see the cold of a glacier, like the frozen heart of a soldier waking up on the battlefield, surrounded by dead and dying men, realizing that reality can be worse than any nightmare

You will see the ecstasy of a falcon soaring on the updraft at a cliff, like the time I got lost and happened on the most beautiful scene my eyes had ever witnessed, and I knew that somehow I was supposed to be there.

And if you are fearless, and look long enough, you will realize that you are seeing not only me, but yourself as well........

and it will be anything but just another day.


It Doesn't Take a Genius to See


Creative genius most often grows
While squishing mud between your toes
Or dreaming up worlds of pretend
Or letting boredom be your friend
By watching clouds float through the sky
While half the day passes you by

By writing rhymes that make no sense
Or learning how to scale a fence
By finger painting on the wall
Or cutting up an old golf ball
For genius does not grow best
In schools with standardized type tests

In soccer clubs run by adults
In life too focused on results
Einstein, Newton, Curie, Poe
Were given space in which to grow
While all these smarts we try to force
Wall off our own creative source



by Suzanne E. Harrill

Whose voice do I hear calling me
           so quiet and elusive?
I am familiar with you,
           inner voice of stillness.
Yet, I rarely hear you clearly or
           should I say pause to listen.
I am still now and ready to receive,
           to perceive, and to accept
           your guidance, your wisdom.
You know me better than I know myself,
           gently whispering my inner intentions.
Understanding my search for wholeness,
           you gently remind me that
           my real longing is
           to wed with you, my true Self.
My intention to return to oneness and wholeness
           is but an illusion.
You whisper that
           I am already what I seeking.



by Suzanne E. Harrill

I am ready to transcend.
What does that mean?

To leave, to let go,
to experience Truth untold?

I don't really know -- yet.
Am I ready? Will I vanish?
Will I recognize myself,
my life, my relationships,
my choices that have manifested?

Do I move like a butterfly
to explore a whole new reality?
Or will it be the same outside
and a secret within?

I do not know
anything now with certainty.

Yet, I trust the stepping
of each step today as I
become my Path.

The Journey here unfolds
without a plan
or conscious creation or choice.

I release my unsteady pace
as I gain a more natural cadence.

I feel Life pulling me fuller.

I know this is the Way and I go







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