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The scientific evidence is overwhelming, mindfulness is one of, if not the best technique for increasing the quality of your life. Learn about mindfulness walking.


Teachings of Tiara Kumara.




In the name of Unity Consciousness, I invoke a profound expansion of divine intimacy with my Greater Self. 

We are feeling together as one unified whole. 

May this all-pervading Presence blazing within my heart, assist my full transition into holistic-identification, lifting my thoughts far above the limited beliefs of the personality consciousness.


Great Spirit, please send forth a mighty surge of forgiveness to bless the collective heart-mind of humanity. 

Help us to see the innocence in one another, that we might love each other as the Divine loves us. 

Unite us on Earth as we are united in the mind of God. 

The truth of our sacred relationship is now revealing.




* All things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. Everything is a representation of the larger whole. I am a unique spark of light that permanently resides within this vast body called God awareness. I am existence itself. Wholeness resides within me.

* All life is sacred relationship. I come into being through interconnected relationships. Every relationship in my life is a mirror reflecting my real nature. I am learning to love each of them for what they are as reflections back to myself.

* I am a part of a larger whole. My personality is not real. My emotions, my mind and my body are not real. They are merely instruments constantly changing. The only real lasting substance is that part of my consciousness that pristinely vibrates to an all-encompassing group tone.


* I am remembering who I am as pure beauty. This is does not have anything to do with how I look. It is everything to do with how I feel. If I feel beautiful, I am beautiful. If I feel beautiful on the inside, I radiate this beauty everywhere I go.


* To love thy neighbor as thyself is to truly be the Divine Presence seeing through human eyes. This Divine Presence lives within all life as it lives within me. I can look upon all of my outer reflections without the slightest hint of judgment or separation.


* Identifying with the Greater Self is knowledge. I am this great spiritual presence, first. I function through the personality when it is necessary and then when the doing is done, I return to the presence of who I really am. I do not get stuck in the personality. I remember to return. 


* I am made from the light of creation. I am a mirror of that light and a tremendous gift to existence. I am crossing over now into a new reality... returning to the eternal, wholesome self.



Questions for Self-Discovery

A friend who was beginning therapy asked me, "How do I get started and what kind of things am I to work on in therapy." Here are a few suggestions I gave her to consider. Use these questions to motivate you to do inner work to heal and grow.

  • What is my next step in being a whole person?
  • I am curious why I find it hard to take care of myself.
  • Where do I love myself conditionally? Others?
  • Where do I go unconscious in close relationships and not do what is right for me?
  • What is unhealthy in my early conditioning?
  • I want to learn to own that everything I attract is about me and not about others.
  • How do I stop taking other's words or actions personally?
  • I am curious where my blind spots are in relationships and why I miss seeing red flags.
  • How do I stop feeling victimized when others are not the way I want them to be?
  • What are some of the unconscious, unhealthy patterns that motivate my life?
  • What is my most negative belief I have about myself?
  • What is my greatest fear? How do I keep attracting this?
  • I want to understand codependence and healthy giving and receiving.
  • What does an adult to adult relationship look like? How do I create this?






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