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The Diamond of Knowledge

By Jacqueline Shuler


The Diamond of Knowledge has multiple facets upon which to focus. Throughout our lives, we shift from one to another, never tiring of each angle. We may come back to a certain facet after years of focusing on others. Then we are amazed at the new depth, thinking that we had already plumbed it long ago. Each of us has a different focus and can share our insights with one another. We will never tire of knowledge, or ever know all there is to know. The more we focus on the various facets, the wiser we become. This wisdom is the gift of knowledge, which is true power.

The Diamond gifts us with depth and integrity since wisdom brings insight into the human condition. The deepest knowledge brings a clarity of spirit, of connection to the Light, the inner Source of the diamond's brilliance, illuminating our lives.

>The Diamond of Knowledge is available to anyone seeking enlightenment. All we have to do is focus. Our openness to its beauty empowers us to fathom each facet. This vision expands our knowledge base, opening us up to more knowledge. The term "insight" describes this process. We look inward to an infinite expanse from one viewpoint, knowing that there are multiple ports of knowledge.

>Perhaps we find a book by "accident"; perhaps a new person comes into our lives. These are opportunities for knowledge if we are "tuned in" to them. The Diamond turns subtly and presents a multitude of choices daily. The learning may not always be easy but the knowledge gained is worth the attention to the present moment.

>Shifting our viewpoint allows us to appreciate the various facets of the Diamond. This entails giving up ingrained beliefs that no longer serve us. These beliefs are so far below the surface that they seem to be invisible. By being sensitive to our reactions to life, we can unearth these outmoded beliefs and free ourselves. Acting in freedom brings the wisdom we desire. Freedom from fear opens our spirits to totally new experiences of knowledge. We see deeper into each facet of the diamond. We are no longer engaged with the surface, however beautiful. We penetrate deeper to the Source.

The Source is the core of the Diamond -- that which is its inner fire. While we are focused on the radiating facets, it lies within, waiting to be discovered. That discovery may take years or eons, but it will happen.  Through the catalyst of the facets, the goal of illumination takes place. Although the planes and angles are many, the Diamond is ONE.

Jacqueline Shuler p 12/21/2017





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