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Seven Tips to Feel More Alive and Connected

By Jeanine Sande

Want More Energy and Joy? Most of us meander (sometimes I feel like I am "slogging") through life on auto-pilot - we get up, deal with family, go to work, eat, cook, relax a little, go to bed, get up... We are not necessarily enjoying our lives, feeling our healthy bodies, noticing our emotions, being in touch with our spirits, or being in the moment. What does it mean to feel more "alive" and "connected"? To me, feeling more "alive" means feeling happy to be alive, more whole, more ME! And, "connected" means to feel more connected to the earth, to your body, to your "source", to your emotions, and to others! Feeling more connected helps us to feel more alive - and more energy and joy! Connect to what? to who? Well, connect to all the parts of you - body, mind, spirit, emotions - and connect to the earth, the sky, the plants and animals, connect to other people. Why connect? The main reason is to remember and embody who you really are - beyond the day-to-day stress, work, family, and to-do lists. When you are connected you feel your feelings, which are one form of your internal guidance.

When you learn to feel and listen to your body, you have access to a walking, talking "lie-detector machine". Most of us have heard the wisdom to "get into the moment". Sounds good, but how? Especially when you feel like a hamster on a wheel going around and around and not really going anywhere, just trying to keep up.. So, to connect we need to come into NOW. Here are 7 easy and powerful tips:

1. Stop. Just stop. Take a breath. Feel your feet. Wiggle your toes. Soften your belly - really soften it (yes, that belly that most of use were taught to "suck in" so it is flat!). Now, with your belly soft, take 3 slow breaths, focusing on your soft belly.

2. Stop. Notice what is around you and find something beautiful to appreciate. It could be anything - the view out your window, a picture on your wall, even a big tree you are driving past in your car. Sometimes I move into such awe and gratitude just looking at the details and colors of a tree as I whiz past on my way somewhere.

3. Ask yourself "what's good?" There is always something good. I can easily get grateful for my warm flannel sheets, for my car with gas in it, for the stop lights and the way we follow the traffic rules, for food in my belly and at home, for a home to live in, for my body that sees, walks, talks, and can touch.

4. Who and what do you love? Just bringing to mind someone you love (animal, person, place) can completely shift how you are feeling. Appreciate and love them!

5. Listen to music. Sing along with it. Appreciate the magic of music. Appreciate the magic of life.

6. Smell something good - lavender, nice soap, good food, a flower. Just take in the smell and appreciate it.

7. "Tree-time" - one of my favorites. Find a nice big healthy tree and just lean your back against it. Feel the earth and the tree and the tree's roots. Know you are in the energy field of the tree and that energy field is helping to heal and balance you. Let it all in.

OK - here are 2 more.. 1. Walk. Walk outdoors in fresh air, if you can. If not, move your awareness into your legs and feet, and walk around your office or home - even for a minute. 2. Take a drink of water and appreciate the taste of clean fresh water. Or, eat something healthy with some life force, like an apple. Chew slowly and taste your food. Notice how many times I used the word "appreciate". Appreciation and gratitude are such powerful healing emotions. Think of the wisdom of "stop and smell the roses".

Here's to a day full of lovely roses to smell and appreciation! Congratulations! I hope you are Feeling More Alive & Connected! If you enjoyed these tips and would like to learn more about all aspects of healing, or you would like to share your comments and stories about these tips and your process, visit our healing blog at Enjoy your life of gratitude, Jeanine Sande P.S. We'd love to hear your comments about these tips. If you prefer to email us rather than blogging, send your comments to - and don't forget that my website has lots of articles and free videos to help you heal on all levels.

Blessings, Jeanine Sande,




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