The Sophia Century

by Ann Alexander

It was a very important year – 1875.  That year the Ancient Wisdom teachings re-emerged with the formation of the Theosophical Society in New York City.  Doors opened again for the mysteries to be available to all.  The teachings with roots from Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and Asia had survived in secrecy since the fourth century, while humanity stumbled around in unbearable ignorance.  The ancient teachings provide a source of spiritual knowledge that tell us who we really are and reveal the clues and steps of the spiritual process.  Today, there is a large section in our local bookstores where Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss and Deepak Chopra, are best selling authors.  The Wisdom teachings have been emerging in a steady stream, through new writings for over 140 years now, out of hidden cellars to become the world’s best sellers!

The years 1875 – 1900 mark the great turnaround point, where the jolt of fresh, vibrant new energy, a powerful burst of light was beamed toward the coming Age of Aquarius.  During that 25 year period the Theosophical Society established important centers in Europe, America and India.  Also many major inventions took form - the usable light bulb, radio, telephone, phonograph and automobile.  Then literally and figuratively humanity was able to arise out of the dark, awakening again in a quickening rhythm toward a new Earth.  The amazing 20th century moved in rapid steps in outer world technology (television, computers) and inner world knowledge (psychology, spirituality from the East and Asia) to deliver humanity to this place – the Sophia Century.             

The lovely name Sophia is from the Greek, meaning wisdom, and is an archetypal name given to the Feminine Principle, as are Shakti or Isis.  Let’s think of Sophia as a cosmic archetype, the Divine Feminine that is one half of the greatest mystery of all - the creative energy of the universe, the very vibration of Life itself.  Thinking of her in human terms is to limit the great mystery, yet I do find it interesting that Sophia is the most prevalent name assigned to girl babies in recent years by American parents.  Also, media of all kinds is embracing truth teachings; there is now Oprah’s OWN television channel and rapidly growing numbers of internet channels, which introduce and promote wisdom teachings of many levels.  One could probably spend the rest of this incarnation watching all the YouTube postings on these subjects.

Another sign of our mass opening in this new time is the large numbers of people coming forward to write or speak about their near-death experiences and paranormal journeys.  Why so many?  Because all of this is normal and natural and has happened to so many people that it can now be considered almost commonplace.   It is NO LONGER SECRET, but out in the open for all to read, watch, hear and discuss.  It’s real.  It’s true.  You see auras?  No big deal.  You died and came back?  So did millions of others, all with images from the other side.  Your grandmother died and you saw her etheric body two days later standing at the foot of your bed when you awoke?  It’s real.  You did experience it… a normal human experience.  We are so much deeper and more complex than we previously recognized. We had just been separated from our true identity, our spiritual history.  But no longer!

Many more of us will embrace Sophia consciousness in this new century, as she is the High Priestess of our Soul who beckons us to the numinous sacred mysteries.  We are called to the inner space of the mysteries from the outer world, requiring self-reflection.  We learn to get still and focused only in the now, the quiet, where we gradually recognize the Angel of the Presence - the Soul that holds the design for our lifetime.  Some of us experience a first glimpse of her as we paint, or sing, garden or walk in places of amazing earthly beauty.  The mind is stilled; there is only the moment and there is no time, just now.  It is the feeling of total presence and complete love of life as it is.  This feminine space is deep within each heart, in both men and women, waiting for our individual discovery through meditation or the arts or anything that we do with focus and with our whole heart.  That is Sophia awareness, Soul vibration, timeless time.

It’s true, we are barely breathing the air of the Aquarian Age, but our quickening is profound. Though we are exploring and building the new reality, we can see that sometimes it looks quite messy, a perfect picture of the many breakdowns and breakthroughs inevitable with collapse of the old world,  so that the new can freshly emerge.  What else might we notice as the Sophia Century takes shape?

1.  Women, the other 50% of creation, will be spiritual leaders and teachers, along with males, in every spiritual group. We will no longer perpetuate the trinity of only masculine solar light: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Around the fourth century as the Church took temporal power, it edited or tried to destroy the ancient truths, and chose to omit the feminine magnetic radiation from the sacred concepts and rituals, while excluding and denigrating females.  If you were a woman, how spiritual was that?  The Genesis story will one day be taught differently, and will be seen as a major cause of so much suffering on this earth.  It may then be recognized as a concept of immature minds, and perhaps then can true equality exist on earth.  Yes, we will also see a female U.S. president.

2.  Soulful beings live in thankfulness for the life we are living, even when life is a gigantic challenge or a struggle usually moving us to greater consciousness, or when we have those sweet times of greatest joy.  Say it, pray it, write it, chant it, meditate it:  gratitude.  Thankfulness engenders a peaceful presence in the eye of the storm, and is a helpful discipline as we flow through both difficulty and ease.  It graciously creates and receives the life we are born to experience, in order to evolve.

3.  Return to the power of love – we are a Soul living in a human body.  The process is that each of us finally arrives at the inner chamber of love, the Soul, after many lifetimes on Earth.  As we practice living as a Soul in a body, everything changes!  We will more often look at situations and choices from the viewpoint of, “What is for the higher good here?”  If it is not for the higher good, we learn to let it go.  Sometimes it takes five seconds – done.  Other times it might be the hardest thing you have ever tried to do in your life and it may take 10 years and a full supply of grace.  

4.  We will find many ways to simplify our livesin the coming decades– many will live in smaller spaces again, will grow some of our own food, will be eating less meat, will recycle more, will take action that the environments of earth will require.  We will have smaller autos that will be powered differently.  Some areas in America are running out of water.  In 2014 those are all still optional scenarios to just talk about, but we all know that in this century those options will run out.  In the year AD 1350 (less than 700 years ago) the entire earth only had 750 million citizens; today we are at 7.2 billion, and in 2050 we will be at 10 billion - half of those will live in Asia!

 5.  Educational systems must change and will change; someone will arrive who can really revolutionize the whole problem – someone brave enough to do what is actually needed, regardless of the squawking.

6.  Before Pluto leaves Capricorn at the end of 2024, we will probably see a major shift required in financial systems.  It could require surgery of some kind, instead of little Band-Aids; but let’s stay positive about it.  We will all go through it together, even if it is a near-death experience like 1929.  Meanwhile, when you have resources to share, look for how and where you can make a difference…with your money, or donations of what you are not actually using or wearing, or by giving gifts or scholarships to those you can help with your money, talents or time.  Many will choose to buy less and share more.  Quite soon.  Some awakened people already are there.  It feels sane, unburdened, and free.

7.  Medicine and dentistry now practiced will seem like leeches, compared to the future; energy fields of the human aura will be provable; and complimentary medicine will continue to expand.

8.  Awakening will lead people to learn and experience in groups, both inner and outer world groups, a hallmark of Soul consciousness.

9.  We are becoming magnificent transformers of energy by knowing ourselves through inner work, and by using the methods of Soul connection; a number of Souls will no longer be on Earth, as mastery will relocate them.

10.  Androgyny will be an inner reality of the psyche – we will each identify our human selves as both male and female as we identify and experience our Source as both masculine and feminine energy.  The evolutionary process of homosexuality will finally be understood and totally accepted, and few will remember what the uproar was about.

11.  Technology will need to be utilized well, or we will soon be seeing 12-Step programs for tech-dependent people who can no longer function with other humans; who can only observe but cannot participate.   Okay, I may be exaggerating…or maybe not.

Changes are here and some of them are easier than others.  Life might require being broken open, maybe many times, to allow the new Soul treasures from that vulnerability to surface as more light shining through us.  Vulnerability is the one thing the ego was designed to avoid.  See why evolution takes so long?  Always, however, when the opening is deep, we can be sure that deeper love is coming right behind it.

Humanity has opened the door to the Sophia Century.  It is here.  Perhaps it began as the twin towers fell in 2001 and the whole world watched to see what darkness can do.  We witnessed an unforgettable global experience of the impermanence of form.  Buddhism 101.  Inevitable change often gets announced by lightning bolts out of the blue.  They shake our world and we get to learn that life renews itself through constant change.  That is what a lot of us are now experiencing.  We’ll see what we can become as we awaken to greater consciousness in the Sophia Century.


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