By Lisa Thompson-Finlayson

A sliver of light

   pierces through the morning.

The sun pushes

   through a shudder;

   trembling breath of morning,

   soft morning.

Orange and fire light

   the sky,

And drift with a

   sleepy weight.

Warm breaths rush

   sweetly in hushed splashes of air.

A lark takes to

   flight, crying praises

   to the heavens as he soars

   into the faint heartbeat of day.

Morning heaves her breast against

   the unfilled sky.

The fluttering heart of dawn erupts

   into a scream of praise

   that dances high into heavenly realm.

And the angels sigh with

   the lull of dawn

   as it settles into day.


This poem, inspired by Pachelbel Canon in D  Major, was written during my college days at Morgan State University and published in The Sable Quill in 1991.  My English professor put me on the Dean's student committee where we got together to talk about our college experiences.  When I learned the dean as a college student attended poetry readings, I invited him to a poetry reading through The English Club.  After the poetry reading, he encouraged us to put our poetry into book form. Thus, The Sable Quill was born.

A special thank you to my mom for finding the last copy of The Sable Quill which reminds me of that joyful time in my life!  A special thanks to Dean Hollis and my first class fellow Sable Quillers!  Special thanks to my brother for having the album and my father for being a great father and my uncle for having the record player to play the inspiring canon! I thank my husband and son for loving me, to Bach for writing that beautiful piece of musicg and special thanks to you Suzanne! I thank God for smiling on me! 

Peace! Blessings!




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