“How to Make God Laugh”

By Sheri Bloom

            We’re moving, though we don’t know where exactly. The only certainty is that we need to be out of our current abode in two weeks’ time. Our situation makes me think of Woody Allen’s wise words, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

            In these volatile economic times, we assumed selling our current residence would prove challenging at best. So, despite our desire to move closer to our children’s school, we decided to put our real estate plans indefinitely on hold. We love our unit, the high rise we live in, and its warm community of neighbors. So we need to travel a half hour to our kids’ school, is that so terrible? All over the world, people contend with commutes much more than a mere thirty minutes. And besides, we are so close to downtown and all of the fabulous culture and restaurants that come with urban living. Now that we thought about it, our home was perfect. So we planned to stay.

            Can you hear God laughing?

            So there we were, appreciating our home, reveling in our skyline sunsets (one of the many perks of high rise living) and nearby theatre district, and growing evermore savvy with our commute times when, out-of-the-blue, (insert another giggle from God), a couple asked to see our unit. With bated breath we said yes. Suddenly, our home, the one we planned to remain in, was up for grabs; suddenly, our skyline view might belong to someone else.

            The next day, the couple made an offer to buy our unit. And we accepted.

            If the past is any indication of our future, these next couple of weeks will be anything but boring. Once again, we are back in the real estate “saddle,” galloping like crazy all over town for another home. Every time we think we’ve found something, I can almost hear a subtle chuckle from the Man Upstairs, and sure enough, for whatever reason, the place doesn’t work out. Gratefully, we have a rental lined up in case we don’t find what we’re looking for in time for our official move date. Then again, God might have nixed that solid backup plan as well.

            Oh, how we humans think we’re in control with our many plans. Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to have plans. But lately, I can’t help but notice how sometimes, the plans we hold onto the most have a way of disintegrating before our eyes. I’m learning (again—aren’t we always needing a reminder?) that the best control is having a plan but allowing the unknown to enter and shake things up. The best control is keeping your eye on the goal but allowing room for it to morph in unanticipated ways.

            So while I don’t know where our home will be, I know we have a plan to move closer to suburbia. And wherever we are, I plan to continue blooming with you.


Sheri Bloom is a freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Some of her work may be seen at The Jewish-Herald Voice, Kids' Life Magazine and Cynic Magazine. A wife and mother with a non-fiction work recently picked up by a literary agent (Step on that Crack!), Bloom spends much of her time doing what most humans do: juggling life's priorities. To read more of her musings and for a daily dose of spiritual Vitamin D, visit her blog at





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