Affirmations for Spiritual Well-Being

            By Suzanne E. Harrill


I am grateful for this day and my life.

I know I am a valuable, worthwhile individual.

I am grateful for the relationships in my life; I love and feel loved.

I accept Divine Love into my life.

I appreciate and feel at home in my body.

I am whole, healthy, and complete. I take care of myself daily to maintain good health.

I am optimistic and experience joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

I belong. I feel at home in the groups that I choose to participate in – family, friends, work, church, volunteer, etc.

I know my life is important.

I am grateful for all I experience and learn from the good as well as the bad feeling experiences.

I make a difference and use my talents and gifts for making life a better place.

I evaluate people and situations to determine which ones are good for me. I set boundaries and say no to those not feeling right for me.

I say yes to receiving my good.

I take responsibility for my life to heal, change, and uplift my attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors because I choose the path of greater awareness.

My life is unfolding as I allow my true Self to shine. I am free to be me.

I spend time with uplifting people, events, and groups to keep me motivated, challenged, interested, and growing.

When I stumble and fall, make a mistake, or get depressed I receive the support of others.

I am an important part of the greater whole.

I maintain healthy, life-sustaining, reciprocal friendships.

 I accept the Divine Plan for my life and eagerly actualize my potential; my life has meaning and purpose.






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