Fun Sayings

American Zen Sayings

By Suzanne E. Harrill


What I do not have                                                                       

   I focus upon.                               

Forgetting the fullness                                         

   of my blessings.



A baby's smile

   reminds us that

We are loved

   by the Divinity

   within all of us.



Around and Around I go.                                    

I can stop                                                                 

Whenever I choose.                                             



New Leaves

   always return

After the dead of Winter.



The sun shines                                                                    

   no matter                                                             

What is in front of it.                    



Stillness prepares

   the way

Into motion.



Seeds of consciousness within                          


Grow when nurtured.                                         



Cold longs for hot.

Hot longs for cold.

Warm and cool are content.



Acorns know how                                                             

   to be oak trees                                                    

Without any guidance.    





Due rewards.




   and you will                                                                     

Always Know.        



Fullness overflows

   to be caught

By emptiness.




   provide delays

For better timing.  



Observation need

   never stop





   bonds hearts.                                                      


   open doors.                                                                     



Go up


It is time

   to go down.



September is

   as good a month                                                

As any

   to make a resolution.



To ere on the side

   of giving too much,

I open my heart again.



Feet planted                                                                                   

   as a tree is rooted,                                                         

Ward off dangerous winds

   when they sneak up from behind.



You hurt,

   I cry.

Feeling the extension of

   our one Self.




Winter welcomes                                                              

   those whose need is to rest.                           

Spring welcomes                                                               

   those whose need is

   a new beginning.

Summer welcomes

   those whose need is                                          

   to dance and grow.                                                       

Autumn welcomes                                                            

   those whose need is                                                      

   to enjoy ripened fruit.                          



Remember, evil

   is not permanent.

Only misplaced energy

   waiting to be

Neutralized by its opposite.




Sunshine on my face

   prepares me to

Face the night.






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