Personal Growth

Simply Becoming More Loving

by Gary Bates

How can we become more loving and experience what we truly are absent of the emotional fog that separates us from what we truly are? Is it enough to say that we'll do better today or we'll try harder? There's nothing wrong with that intention but it never works because a person's emotional body is constantly on Green for Go. Emotions rule the day until the wild dog is tamed.

 We need a method that will elevate our consciousness just prior to everything that we say and do, a way of moving ourselves out of conscious awareness into super-consciousness. The method works but we only get to hold the higher energy if we use it all the time.

 When we question everything that we communicate or do just prior to taking action, we immediately OBSERVE our train of thought and shift into being our true self.

 Becoming more loving is not the people-pleasing acts of image-conscious individuals; it's about ditching all actions that are not motivated by love. We become what we truly are by purging what we're not!

 So here is the question to ask yourself BEFORE every word and action that you dispatch. Think of it as a quality control check and if done all the time you will not only step into super-consciousness but your reality will be a higher quality. "Is what I am about to say (or do) motivated by me trying to find acceptance from others or get approval from them; does it involve any aspect of control over the other person(s)?" LOOK AT IT.


 Gary Bates: Teacher and author of, The Question.





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