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Equanimity -- Balance Within Adds Balance to the World

by Suzanne E. Harrill

Great changes are upon us, initiated by the covid virus in 2020 where the world at large is affected.  Many changes took place almost overnight, working from home, closing churches and schools, buying groceries on line, meeting with others via the internet with programs like zoom, no hugging and handshakes, and rules requiring masks in public as the virus lurks in unsuspected places. This has brought up much stress and fear. Home has become an important place of safety. Consider another meaning of home to mean the place the inner-self resides. Learn what you can do to add calm and peace to yourself and then others.

Observe yourself and take note what is coming up for you related to these changes, your beliefs, opinions, feelings, reactions, values. Where are you on the continuum of polarity between fear and acceptance of all that is taking place with the virus. Add to this, where are you on other polarities such as politically. If you are at one end or the other of any polarity, consider understanding that the more you learn to live from a third place of equanimity the more peace you will feel which adds positive energy to the group experience. Equanimity is a place of balance between extremes; visualize a seesaw balanced at the midpoint, the fulcrum, to illustrate. With equanimity you still have preferences, and you make choices that are best for you and at the same time you allow others to have theirs, without judgement or criticism.  Not accepting that each individual deserves to make their choices for whatever reasons continues the fight and keeps the polarities going in the outer world.

When we take an extreme position of judging, criticizing, and making the other wrong we participate in perpetuating the drama. Absorbing and reflecting the discord from the collective back into the collective is harmful for the physical body, for relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as the planet.  Loving relationships are essential for our health and well-being on all levels.

With equanimity we live from a third place of Divine Neutrality where we become the witness of all that is unfolding. Yes, make choices, vote, and use your interests and talents to find creative solutions that make the world a better place. Here choices and actions come from the wisdom of the head and heart combined, not emotionalism, irritation, or anger. Let us practice higher values of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness as humanity matures to a more cohesive whole. We begin with ourselves as we set intentions and strive to deepen our self-awareness.

I am suggesting a new way to operate so in the future polarities will stop separating others from each other, where we learn how to use opposites to complement each other and not oppose or make opponents of them. I am an artist. If I take six colors and put them in a circle, there are colors opposite each other, red and green, yellow and violet, blue and orange. When I paint, I can use opposite colors to add zest and aliveness to the art. Opposite colors mixed together create beautiful neutrals that are calm areas in a painting.

More than ever we need to practice Divine Neutrality, pondering how to live with the balance of equanimity. Our inner balance, peace, and calm adds upliftment to those in our personal world as well as the world at large.

I've included a previous article reminding us that the collective is the sum total of all of us. We have equal weight to all others, even when we disagree with others. We can only work on ourselves as we evolve. Let us consider creating a new world view as one by one we choose to value and practice equanimity, honoring all as humanity matures. We make choices for what we see as supporting the higher good of all, learning creative ways to solve problems by collaborating with those with ideas different from ours. It begins with you and me.

I will end with a prayer written by Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys, that touches my soul.

*The Holy Incantation of Solace

By Richard Rudd

May Love pour through our soul -- binding us together as One

May Light flower in our heart -- lending us the Grace to transform all fear

May Warmth radiate our belly -- bringing prosperity to all

May Purity shimmer in our bones -- filling us with the light of the stars

May Kindness resound in our voice -- softening the way that lies ahead

May Clarity shine through our mind -- as we lie in the arms of the infinite

May Solace abound in our life -- touching all who we meet

May Solace abound in the world -- bringing all beings into perfect union.



*You may like to listen to me speaking this passage to use for contemplation, meditation, or prayer.





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