The Collective Is Made Up of Every One of Us

by Suzanne E. Harrill

Do you find yourself dismayed at times reading headlines, learning about unwise actions of individuals in positions of power and authority, seeing unfair practices in business, schools or churches? Most of us do and then get caught up in a downward spiral of emotionally taking sides and criticizing and judging who is right and who is wrong. Instead of feeling powerless to make a difference there are several things to consider that can be the antidote to this dilemma.

First, it is important to remember each one of us is in the family of humanity whether this is understood, recognized, or accepted. The collective experience acting out on the world stage is the average of every persons' beliefs, feelings, desires, values, and actions added together. If we don't like what we see, consider being part of the forerunners, leaping to new heights of awareness and activity leading us in a healthier direction. Could it be that part of your spiritual purpose is to join your consciousness with those around the world knowing this oneness of the human family and who are expressing positively in the world.

How do you as an individual participate as one of the forerunners moving the collective average higher and thus adding more good to the greater whole? You learned in self-discovery 101 you can't change other people, only yourself. We can, however, be role models to help others see a new way of thinking and being. Therefore, my suggestions will be about you. You do have influence, more than you realize. We need to make improvements in our own beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, which add to the consciousness of the collective. Most importantly we need to move out of duality thinking, us vs. them mentality. When enough of us balance ourselves by doing the inner work necessary to neutralize our reactions, criticism, and prejudices the critical mass will produce amazing results. We add weight moving the collective average upwards.

What can you do therefore to improve yourself?

1.Love yourself and reflect acceptance to everyone you meet. Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care.


2.Actualize your gifts and talents, then share with others.


3.Live your life from your spiritual presence.  Read spiritual teachings to expand your awareness. 


4.Notice where you take things personally and stop; people do things for their reasons not our reasons. Unaware people do what they do whether you are around them or not. Stop listening to the stories that your mind makes up keeping you a victim of circumstances or other people. Empower yourself by affirming higher truths to yourself, such as focusing on what you enjoy in life and how you may be of service to others.


5.Practice equanimity. Learn there is a place in awareness that lives beyond duality, both in your inner and outer worlds. It begins by moving beyond polarities within. Become aware of your biases, opinions, and prejudices. They will unbalance you as you view the world and others. Instead of immediately reacting to another's actions or opinions because you disagree, train yourself to be neutral when you hear something you dislike. Listen to other points of view. Stop participating in the negativity of group bashing people, behaviors, or beliefs. There is a still point between all opposites, a place of balance like the fulcrum balancing a rod or see saw. Focusing your awareness at this still point allows you to experience unity consciousness and oneness.


6.Upgrade the words you use to define yourself and what you see in others. Stop using words like should and ought. It is irrelevant what you or another should or should not do. What are you willing to do and then pay the consequences? People do what they do based on their level of awareness or lack of it, repeating patterns learned from parents and society. Notice and stop shaming, blaming, criticizing, and value-judging yourself and others. Use proactive words like, I choose, I create, I feel.


7.Be an observer of yourself. Notice when you go unconscious and reactive when emotionally triggered, unhappy, angry, bored, numbing your feelings, disagree with another, or are hurt by another. One way to change to being responsive instead of reactive is to use a bird's eye view to look at yourself. Looking at the bigger picture reminds you what is really important and to let go of the small stuff. If it is big stuff, take the time to determine what you are willing to do about it and then act. Be honest with yourself. When stuck, reach out for support to move to higher ground from a close friend, therapist, or teacher. Be a silent witness to all you see in yourself and others.


8.Study teachings that support being YOU, living in community with Humanity, and making a positive difference with your growing awareness.  Self-inquiry is where to begin. Here are three that I recommend.


a.The Gene Keys, by Richard Rudd.

b.Teachings of Tiara Kumara, IAM Avatar

c.The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology, by Jack Kornfield


In summary, each of us makes a difference with how we think and act. Rather than complain and criticize what you do not like in the world or others, raise your own vibration to raise the vibration of the collective. Join us as a forerunner to bringing higher consciousness to our world.

An example of the oneness and interconnectedness of all of us, I will share a true story. It makes me a believer that goodness is everywhere. It amazes me how the internet connects us and contributes to the oneness of us all, also. A year ago I received an email from a man in Israel, Ephraim Shmaya Lansky, M.D., Ph.D.

Dear MS Harrill

I wanted to share with you a true story.  A couple weeks ago I was taking a walk in my upscale Haifa neighborhood as the sun was peeking through the clouds and remnants of a heavy rain.  I saw your book Seed Thoughts... sitting on the edge of a small refuse area...soaking wet...dripping wet...soaked through and through.  I noticed it because it was in English.  It looked like a Christian proselytizing publication, which you sometimes see around, but not obviously so and at quick glance, it seemed that anything like that was at least well disguised.  Someone had obviously put a great deal of care into using neutral language.  And the namaste inside was nice.  I guess I passed by it again on a couple other days during a period of heavy and blessed rain that we enjoyed, and it was still in its place, just as set aside and just as wet.  Finally, I picked it up and carried it back to my abode not too far from where I found it and placed in on a towel on an electric oil radiator.  After a while ... a couple days or so, it became actually dry and in definitely readable condition.  It is a very well bound volume.  I read a few pages tonight and overall liked it. You have a healing touch!  

Thought you might appreciate the synchronicity -- etzbat ha el---support of nature, etc.

Best wishes,

Ephraim Shmaya Lansky, M.D., Ph.D.





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