Spiritual Growth

Shine Your Light - Heal The World

By Karen Drucker

"It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be?" 

Marianne Williamson

I have to admit - the songs I write, the talks I give, and the retreats I lead are all about what I am wanting to learn, or affirm, or change in my life. And the women's retreat I am leading this month is no different. It's all about shining our light - having the confidence to know that who we are makes a difference, and that when we allow that light to shine we can heal the world. I recognize that I am being selfish. My motivation is that I want you to shine your light because it also gives me permission to shine mine, and I truly believe that is what this world needs right now -- to be healed and for us to come together in peace.

It's taken me a long time to get here - and I am still working on it. My fears included: Am I being too much? Will I be rejected? Will I be liked if I show all of who I am? All of this and more! Whenever I put myself out there, that voice will pop up and give me an earful and come up with even more creative ways to squelch my expression. But in the 61 years I have lived on this planet, I have learned over and over that it's always a choice of what voice I listen to. The critical voice, the voice that makes up stories about what other people might be thinking of me, the scared voice that just wants to keep me safe - or - do I take a deep breath and say back to that voice; " I know you are there. I hear what you say, but that is not my truth today!."- and then go for it! 

I remember one of my first shows where I really risked and put all of me out there on the stage. I did comedy, characters, I sang my original songs, and just went for it 100%. I was terrified and yet something inside was calling me to express myself. Even though the audience was giving me great feedback and supporting me, there was a woman in the front row that looked like she was miserable. Instead of focusing on the rest of the audience who were giving me love, my mind projected onto her how horrible I must be, and anytime she yawned I thought I must be so incredibly boring. 

I finished my show and got a great ovation, but that one person was like a pain in my heart. Later on, when I was leaving the club I saw her outside and she stopped me. "Oh my that was the best show I have seen in so long. I am going through a painful divorce right now and barely getting any sleep and feeling so depressed and your comedy and heart-felt songs were just what I needed - thank you!" Wow... lesson learned!  

So, we never know... we never know how shining our light, giving our heart, just showing up can make a difference in a kindness to someone. Yes it's vulnerable, yes it can be scary, yes you risk what people are going to think of you ...but.. on the other side of that fear just might be love, peace, fulfillment and extreme joy. So, let's do it -- even if it's just a step at time. Let's shine our lights and heal this world!

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