What Is

By Vicki Abel

What is dying but a letting go…

…of possessions that clutter our lives

…of beliefs that box us in

…of opinions that polarize

…of judgments that create separation

…of choices that ignore our knowing

…of intellect that suppresses wonder

…of wisdom that crowds out innocence

…of dis-ease that denies our wholeness

…of desires that echo from an emptiness of spirit, falsely

…of playing small when we are overflowing with pure, limitless potential

…of hoarding our gifts when offering them freely expands each exponentially

…of fear, in all its illusory manifestations

If our choices in living block the flow of energy that is life-renewing, we are dying by default.  Only when we die to limitation can we truly live, boundless and soaring in the great Mystery, the void of creation.

What if, in this long, slow process of dying, I decide to live?





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