Spirital Growth

Oneness and Unity Consciousness

By Suzanne Harrill

We hear the term oneness often these days. What exactly does this mean? In simple terms it means an understanding, knowing, and feeling of the unity of all life. We each experience oneness as a living, breathing, and thinking human being. The cooperation between the cells, organs, and systems of the body work as one unit in order to support the greater whole to live. Even when ill, aging, or not experiencing the same degree of functioning as in earlier times, we work as one individual. We are still a whole, complete, living, breathing human being capable of living life, making choices about how to live each day, what values to embrace, how to heal and grow, or how to take the next step in striving towards our goals.

Our bodies are always doing their best to maintain the greater whole. If you reject or criticize your body when there is hidden self-hatred, fear, repressed anger it stresses the system and the quality of life decreases, yet, the body still does the best it can do under the circumstances to work as a united whole for us, even if not optimally. Obviously, it is wise to learn how to love, forgive, tolerate, bless, and appreciate all the body does for us in a coordinated effort which supports our consciousness to have a home while living on Earth. By understanding and healing our limiting thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes, it eases the stress on the body’s effort.

Let us look beyond ourselves to understand more about oneness. As we build awareness of our oneness with others we can positively affect and change our relationships and the world for the better, one person at a time. Some of us have already changed our day to day world and live in unity consciousness, so are initiators of the process. If this is a new idea, consider growing your unity awareness.

To look at oneness in a larger way take two people in a relationship, husband-wife, parent-child, or friend-friend; maybe your strongest connection is with a beloved pet. This relationship is a larger experience of oneness than only focusing on self. Each of our relationships have different degrees of functioning, however, this does not change the fact that there is a bond of self with another.

Next think of a family as expressing a larger unit of oneness, then extended family, neighborhood and larger community, city, state, and country. Each have different degrees of participation and feeling a part of. This does not change the fact that each of us is a unit of wholeness as we are and as a part of larger wholes. See the world now as one ocean of living consciousness, where humanity is one organism. Physically we are separate, yet there is a connection of oneness on more expanded levels, such as the emotional, mental or spiritual level. We are one humanity spiritually, even if parts of the whole are functioning at different levels.

What happens when we do not know our selves or do not feel a connection to another or group? Our alienation puts us in a bind where we see others as not Self. This makes it easy to reject those who are not exactly like us in looks, beliefs, or shared activities. What would happen if we stopped to think about the idea of oneness? Would we then see that any action, belief, or attitude an individual has affects all others in a ripple effect similar to a pebble dropped into a pond that starts waves of movement from the center outward, eventually affecting the whole pond.

Altruism has been studied with mixed results trying to support the idea that people can go beyond self to think of another’s needs as important as one’s own and choose to give unconditionally with no strings attached. The results reflect the awareness of the people being studied. If you are ego focused and are only concerned about self, you may see others as competing with you or taking advantage of you; then you develop a me-versus-them mentality and do not have the same degree of compassion and kindness as one who lives in unity consciousness and understands the oneness of humanity. When you believe in one humanity, then what you do for or against another you are really doing for or against your Self. You can expand this to include all of the Earth. What we think and do for air quality, animal rights, saving rainforests, and clean lakes, rivers and oceans is a reflection of our degree of unity consciousness.

How do we make changes to build awareness about oneness? It begins with you and me. If this article makes you react defensively or critically, consider there may be places in your thinking to question and ponder to deepen your connection to all life. Our understanding deepens when we walk or sit in nature, enjoy clouds, sunsets or sunrises, or regularly practice meditation or prayer. If you already think this way, pay attention where you have influence over another, such as a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew. Engage them in conversation to get them to think and grow. If you talk with a friend or neighbor or life partner on a regular basis and like to stimulate each other’s thinking, add oneness to the mix. Be mindful and simply plant seeds. Notice the groups you are in – do they support equality and limit prejudice to build open mindedness and tolerance of those different from self? Do you experience unity in these groups? If so you add positive weight to the group with your oneness awareness.

Follow your inner guidance on ways you can make a difference in the world. As each of us grows in realizing what unity consciousness is and living from this place, we make the world a better place. We are like the pebble making positive ripples in the ponds in our lives. As the numbers of us increase who accept our oneness with all others, we positively impact the planet for good. We value healing ourselves, building better relationships, and impacting others by expressing our awareness about tolerance, acceptance, and unconditional love. Together we slowly diminish separation, prejudice, and violence in the world. We value and build feelings of inclusiveness for all people, no matter the differences in looks and beliefs. Whether we work on knowing our true Self, living our talk, helping another at a disadvantaged place in life, healing a personal relationship, or feeling called to work on a larger scale, we add weight to unity consciousness and making a difference in the world. We foster kindness, tolerance, inclusiveness, and promote peace.





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