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Signs of Low Self-Esteem

  • Self-blame, self-criticism, or constantly putting others down through guilt, blame, shame, or faultfinding. Finding forgiveness difficult.
  • Over or underachieving, -eating, -working, -doing, etc.
  • Playing the victim, rationalizing that outside circumstances are the causes of your problems.
  • Not taking responsibility for your own life; turning power over to another to make decisions for you, then feeling victimized if the results are not to your liking.
  • Taking too much responsibility for the lives of others, dominating and making decisions for them.
  • Fear of change and reluctance to take risks. Or too much change, taking dangerous, unwise risks.
  • Constant negativity or being so optimistic that reality is denied.
  • Reacting to others with extreme emotion or no emotion.
  • Boastfulness, lying, embellishing, exaggerating, and overbearing behavior around others.
  • Inability to maintain integrity during interactions with others.
  • Demanding to be “right,” needing to have agreement or have your own way most of the time, or constantly acquiescing to the will and opinions of others.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others, thereby feeling inferior or superior.
  • Black/white, either/or thinking; e.g., believing that a person is either good or bad based on rigid standards of behavior.
  • Having pervasive deep-seated feelings of fear, terror, or panic.
  • Speaking with lots of shoulds, oughts, could haves, and yes-buts.
  • Interpreting the hurtful words or actions of others as proof of your unworthiness.
Inspiring Inner Worth and Healthy Self-Esteem
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