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Signs of High Self-Esteem

  • Having an internal locus of control, getting okayness from within, not from others.
  • Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Maintaining a balance between extremes of thought, feeling, and behavior. When out-of-balance, taking action to correct.
  • Learning from mistakes and being able to say, I made a mistake. If it involves another person, being able to make amends or say, Im sorry. Able to forgive self and others.
  • Managing your life responsibly.
  • Honoring individual differences among people.
  • Listening to other points of view.
  • Taking responsibility for your own perceptions and reactions; not projecting onto others.
  • Having the ability to listen to your wise inner self (your intuition), and to act on this guidance.
  • Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Choosing continuous self-improvement and taking positive risks.
  • Balancing being and doing.
  • Feeling warm and loving towards self.
  • Giving and receiving love easily, with no strings attached.
  • Demonstrating self-respect, self-confidence, and self-acceptance
Inspiring Inner Worth and Healthy Self-Esteem
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